Saturday, January 5, 2013

Opportunity in the Unexpected

 Opportunity often arises in the unexpected.  Each year for most of my adult life, God has revealed to me a word or direction or revelation about the year to come.  I have learned to look forward to this direction... to seek Him more diligently, more sincerely, and to hear Him more clearly.  Because, as with all things in life, His leading produces much better results then my pushing!

So Opportunity arises.  The opp to obey, grow, learn, experience and BE His daughter... a better reflection of my Father.  I love that kind of opportunity.

This year, I have an opportunity to do more than simply grow.  I see it, I hear Him, and I look forward to every step His leading will take me.

It is an opportunity to clear out clutter, re-evaluate, rebuild and rediscover... HIS purpose for my life.  HIS design for my being.

I typically look at each year with baited breath... knowing each day in each month holds so much opportunity, so much adventure and discovery.  But this year, for the first time, I look forward to this time NEXT year... to see where this journey will take me.


I don't want to get ahead of myself.  Because I do want to Grow Where I'm Planted and experience the NOW.  I don't want to miss the scenery as I go by.  Opportunity in-deed, and this coming week I will reveal the opportunity God has shown me in my One Word for 2013.

I pray you embrace every opportunity God has set before you to Grow in His Word, His Truth, and His Image!

Most Sincere Blessings,

P.S.  The flowers above were a surprised OPPORTUNITY to see beauty in the midst of "winter" but then, "winter" isn't the same in the southwestern desert as it is in the Northwestern mountains!

Participating this week in Five Minute Friday (on Saturday... missed my opportunity to write on Friday!!)


  1. Love your willingness to grow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    1. Once we stop be willing to grow, a barrier is built between us and Christ... I pray that willingness never leaves me! Thanks for stopping by!