Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Faith Brought us Here

I don't remember out-and-out declaring a Word for 2012... but I remember seeing the meme and pondering it.  In my situation at the time the word would have been FAITH... trusting completely in Jesus for all the good-bad-and-inbetween kind of Faith.

And FAITH is what stood out this past year.

Faith to lay things down, like eSBS even though I wanted to finish...

And Faith to pick things up, like the HUGE project and hard work to get Group412 LIVE.

Faith that everything would be OK with my children and the roller coaster ride life would take us all on.

Faith when God called us to pack the rest of our things into storage and hit the road for a journey of unknown amount of time.  A journey which, at its inception, had no good distance driving vehicle that could make it.

But Faith and God gave us a van.

Faith as we set out unlabeled items in a fundraiser and told everyone "Let God lead you on the price", oh sweet faith as we watched some learn to lean into the Lord for guidance for the first time.

That same faith step provided for the first leg of our trip above and beyond expectation.

Faith as we began our travels and God provided places and situations which would bless us and keep us safe.

Faith as I prayed over my husband's inner ear pain as we exchanged 5000 feet of elevation in one day of driving... faith being rewarded when the pain was mostly gone the next morning.

Faith praying against a near fatal collision with the rear-end of a semi trailer... though I knew faith would have blinked me into Heaven, It saved us right there instead.

I could blog for hours on the HUGE results of Faith in 2012, I could blog even longer on the tests of Faith in the process.  The heart-wrenching, life-changing moments when I could have given up but I chose Faith to keep holding on.

It sounds glamorous to travel as we have been.  But it hasn't always been.  Actually, save for the first leg of the trip (pain in ears and near collision aside), the rest of our trip has been one GIANT test of FAITH.

  • Nowhere to stay in Alabama and God closing every possible door of help.
  • Living in our car for a week with 3 children and cramped, rainy quarters.
  • Camping right next to a water-moccasin filled creek for a week.
  • Learning that people you have known and loved all your life have lost their Relationship with Christ and turned on those who have retained it.
  • Trading our wonderful van for a broken-down RV and spending 2 months in a home filled with darkness while repairs were being done... watching the children hurt and begin to struggle as a result.
  • Thinking we are on our way to our next destination... and breaking down again.
  • Finally getting to our next stop and realizing, suddenly, how broken my heart is from all the unknowns and rough roads we traveled to get here.

Yet every-single-step of this long-long-road, Faith has been the ONE constant... the ONE thing that lifted me up and kept me from giving up or loosing control.  The one word whispered to me in the darkness, in a strange parking lot as we waited for help in a broken down RV... FAITH.

Faith was rewarded in all the above rough spots, and many more, with people who helped, experiences which grew us, and instances which drew us closer to Him.  And what an amazing testimony our faith has provided in every single instance as well.

We will be ringing in 2013 from Phoenix, Arizona... not where we expected to be this time of year.  But faith brought us here and we are so blessed for God's presence in this place and the New eyes of everyone in this family which look ahead to even greater faith-filled adventures in 2013!

Jesus Died for You Will You Live For Him?

 I pray your 2012 was a Faith-filled year, the deep-down-through-thick-and-thin-not-giving-up kind of faith that makes this walk with Christ so sweet and so rewarding... may your 2013 be filled with such faith too!


This is my 365 in review.  Check back next week to hear God's WORD for me in 2013.

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