Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I posted teasers a few times this past week... coming soon, My ONE WORD for 2013.  And the day is here.

I prayed, devoted, and searched God.  Lord may it not be MY pushy desires but YOUR gentle leading into something profound which I might measure my life by this year.

And then, as I slipped out of slumber one morning last week, God warmed my heart, laying in that ONE WORD:

It seemed a most bizarre Word and I asked God what it meant (and if I was hearing right... it was early!!)

Thus began a beautiful adventure... one I will be in the middle of for a full year... and one which I am enjoying exploring and unpacking as I look to the year ahead.


It was, I believe, born in part from my realization in all the travels the past few months: I need to bloom where I am planted.  I need to SEE where I am and not just BE there... but BLOOM there too, not wasting time looking to the next stop before I am done with the current one.  I was reminded of the article I wrote after retreat last fall, Bloom Where You are Planted.  So I asked if this was what God meant. 

Yes... and No.

Yes... I must seek how to Bloom where I am Planted.  But that statement was too general.

So into the office, I couldn't get dressed for my day quick enough.  I was ready to pull out my journal and begin prayerfully recording this exciting moment...

God revealed to me the depth of blooming.  How, I had grown so much in my faith-walk, but it was time to BLOOM more.  I was hitting my head on the ceiling trying to grow but growth couldn't continue without Blooming in my present state.

Without blooming we are merely a stalk with leaves... not so pretty to look at.  It is in the blooming that we not only attract others to see What we have and why It is so special... but we also spread and reproduce blooms (think pollination!)

In the weeks ahead I pray to share how God is showing me the different areas he is calling me to Bloom in.  I hope to share encouragement, experiences and an opportunity for you to join this journey with me... if that is where God leads us both. 

I pray you may BLOOM in 2013... blooming in the Spirit and presence of the Lord produces the most beautiful and resilient blossoms!


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  1. Epiphany is my word for 2013. I'm excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.