Saturday, November 17, 2012

When Mom is Sick

Mama was sick this week.  You all know what that is like.  When others count on you and meal time is approaching and you don't feel good.  That was me this week.
So I went to the pantry and scrounged for a can of good ole chicken soup.  None could be found.  All the fixins' could be... but not that hearty can of broth and noodle and chicken itself.

This got me to thinking on how different it is traveling and cooking in kitchens not my own or over camp stoves and camp fires.  I wondered... could anyone out there benefit from my tumbling through foreign (to me) kitchens, missing the supplies I was use to having in my own cabinets and pantries?  And even as we prepare to move into the RV for a season of living with a tiny kitchen with limited water supply and even more limited storage space... I won't have all those great kitchen gadgets or pantry stock I am use to.

Maybe, just maybe, my meandering through these trials and learning and discovering could help... someone... out there!

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Because as I travel, not always having enough time to write and share a laptop with two other techie people, I needed more things to write about and do... right?


For today, as I think and pray on a new weekly 'theme' for articles while I pray to be regular at blogging again too; today I write about a sick mama, my grandmother's pantry, and the quickest, bestest, get-wellest soup this side of the Mississippi!  Or at least my family thought so!

When Mom Is Sick
Hearty Chicken Soup

What I found in grandma's pantry:
- canned broth (bullion in water works good too)
- canned chicken breast
- canned carrots
- brown rice
(I prefer fresh or frozen... but sometimes, when mom is sick, we just make do!)

Herbs and seasoning scrounged as well:
- 4 cloves fresh garlic diced
- One onion chopped
- dried parsley
- dried sage
(all great for cold and flu!)

It looks strange and green when you first throw it all in together... but don't worry.  It will set right before it's done!

Cook on medium heat for 10 - 15 minutes and....

... viola!  See, I told you it will look pretty!

It tasted realllllly good too.  And I am not just saying that because I was sick.  I had a piece of whole-grain buttered bread and sipped up EVERY single bite!  Yum-bo!

I cooked a pot for 9 people using aprox:
6 cups broth
2 Costco size chicken breasts
1 can carrots
3 cups rice

We had NONE left over and everyone got a good serving (or two!)

I am big on substitutes too!  Extra garlic and parsley is always good for sickies!  Don't forget extra prayer on the side as well!

I hope this helps some sick mommy out there have a quick easy get-well meal when she (or some other darling family member) isn't feeling well.


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  1. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for linking up at Its a Wrap.

  2. Thank you Savannah... I am :-) Looking forward to dryer climates though, to finally get all the croup out of my lungs.