Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unexpected Views

It doesn't look like the top of the world... but it was near it.  And up there was this pond full of Lilly pads.  I shouldn't be surprised, though, this past month I have been consistently amazed at the beauty in the places we can't normally see.  Whether it is a pond at 8200 feet...

Or the tops of trees from fires past... and fires raging present (look closely at the middle 'cloud')...

... it could even be the birds-eye view of lakes in their simple yet breath-taking expanse.  Life is full of mystery in the unseen, just when we think we know what to expect and see.

I am always inspired by what I see (and often don't see) and the correlations God chooses to reveal.  Like the mysteries of all I invest as a mother and wife and the wonder of 'do they really listen', 'does it really make a difference'?

It does... in those unseen places of our children's/husband's hearts.  The spots only seen when God chooses to reveal a vista of their hearts and bless me with signs of his planting of a particular message.

This past week and a half we have traveled thousands of miles and seen many wonders across this great country.  But the greatest wonder, perhaps, has been the blessing of love and patience and relationship our family has enjoyed among each other.  Crammed in a small van for 10-12 hours straight, six days in a row, we have lived in peace... a glimpse of those vistas in their actions and hearts... the reward of blessing in knowing, yes, they hear.  Whether me or Him... they hear and I love Him all the more.

Don't loose heart, my dear friends, as you ask your son for the one-hundredth time to put his puzzle away or plead with your daughter to keep to the pureness of her heart.  Don't loose heart when you take a cup of  coffee to your husband with little acknowledgement or reward.  They hear, they see.  In the hidden places of their hearts, God stores up your love with His love and the days DO come when the vistas will be breath-taking.

Many Blessings,


  1. Yes - moms can feel 'forgotten' at times. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

    In the past, I've sometimes thought I needed to be involved in more community type activities to get more attention. Now, all I want is to be there for my family. They've noticed that I've been here all along for them...even when they were out and about...busy growing and learning while I've been stuck at home with the little ones. I want to be stuck at home now. Am I showing my age?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, I pray others read your comment and may be encouraged. It may not be age you show rather experience and understanding in true value. Our treasures are not here on Earth :-)