Saturday, August 25, 2012


 It was this lake, on this day with fluffy clouds drifting across the sky like sheep being herded to market... I was sure I could take it.  Me and Brooke (only 9) and a canoe.

Fortunately we had our posse with us!  It is a plus having a 'big' family... especially when your oldest is an 18 year old guy who likes to lift weights.  Because this mamma's arms are weak!

I made it to the other side, it was the coming back that swamped me.  Fighting a strong wind and waves I wasn't sure I could take much more.  The rest of our group had already lapped us and made it back to shore... hope seemed dashed.

Then my two men tumbled into a shared canoe and paddled back, threw us a rope, and gave us a tow. 


Isn't that just life though.  Stranded and weak and the Lord lifts us up... throws us a rope and gives us a tow so our weary bodies can have a rest?

I'm thankful, too, for the men God has placed in my life who look after me, care for me and keep me safe.  In Ephesians I am working on a study to share on honor and respect in marriage... don't groan... I refer to the mutual kind.  The kind, like Ephesians talks about, where we love one another, respect one another, care for one another as Christ did for the church.

Sometimes God rescues us on His own... sometimes he sends people and builds relationships.  This week, on retreat in beautiful NW Montana... I am thankful for all of the above.


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Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Front of the Curriculum Closet

Standing in front of my friend's curriculum closet, hearing her pour her heart out on hopes and dreams and heartache... I understood.  I think we all understand the triumphs and 'tragedies' of homeschooling.  O.K., not really tragedy... but it feels like it at times.

  • Standing in front of a PILE of curriculum we want to do ALL of and can't fit in (at least not without going crazy!). 
  • Having high hopes for a delightful year and right out of the gate you hear the whining voice of your sweet child(ren), "When are we going to be done?" "I'm hungry, is it lunch time yet" "Do I have to do this."
  • It is setting up a schedule only to watch it get dashed by unexpected interruptions.
  • It is everything and nothing related to homeschooling and I bet 9 out of 10 moms stand there and say, "I am not qualified" or "I can't do this." no matter what their educational background is.

You aren't alone.  We all do this at times. 

But I stand in the trenches with you and I tell you... YOU are, in fact, the most qualified.  You can, in fact, do this best of all... even when it doesn't feel that way.

How do I know?  Because I am not able either and, through prayer, I have learned there is One who is.  As long as I lean into His leading, His guidance, His strength and trust Him for endurance and ability... He will give it. 

God has called each of us to be everything our children need.  If he didn't want us to do this job, he wouldn't have put the initial drive to homeschool in us... and he wouldn't have given us our children to teach. 

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6  (ESV)

You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.
Deuteronomy 6:7 (ESV)

Yes, some days we don't feel that drive... we only feel fatigued, frustrated and disillusioned.  In those times we must look out of the pit and see the light above.  We must know we are NOT alone and His strength and guidance will help us persevere.

Oh, how I love those times, in front of the curriculum closet.  Heart pouring, experience sharing and knowing... knowing the One who holds my life, holds everything my life touches too.

I pray your homeschooling year in swing or ahead, is blessed and lit by the Spirit of strength and endurance.


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Saturday, August 11, 2012


I'm trying to find my place.  Actually, I am trying to find a lot of things in post-move aftermath... including my cell phone!!!  It is strange being without the device, our only phone and direct connection.  In some ways I enjoy the peace but in others... I wonder if anyone is trying to call me and I feel awkward not being able to just pick up and dial others.  Beginning to feel a bit disconnected.

In reflection, I think our relationship with Christ is much the same.  Days can be busy; kids, husbands, teaching, cleaning... and so on.  It is easy to get up and plug way... loose our call time with the Lord.  At first we might not notice... 'it is more quiet' we might say.  But after a while we will feel disconnected, uninformed, and not as close to our creator as we should.

That is why, pretty much every day of the week He and I touch base with Bible study.  All day we chat about what is going on and I often ask Him questions I know He is eager to answer.  Just as exciting is sharing Our conversations with my children, teaching them how to 'dial'.  That is one call I want them to make often and earnestly.

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
Jeremiah 33:3 (God's phone number!!)

 Being without my phone stinks... but being without the Lord... I will go phone-less any day over going God-less.

I pray you have a direct line to the One who makes us feel connected and complete!


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Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Our Knees

Sometimes we must come to our knees to see how tall He is in our lives.

Praying he is tall in yours... even when you stand.


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