Thursday, July 19, 2012

Transforming Times

It is one of those transforming times in life... the kind when "planners" like me think they have it all lined up and everything is ready to happen in A...B...C... order.  Just-like-that. 

Yet, what you expect is then transformed... even exceeded in some ways.  The apostle Paul called it a "renewing of our minds"... something we should be continually doing in Christ Jesus - until the day we die.

The yard sale: beyond expectation and more than we could have hoped for.  Not only did we reach our first-level goal of gas to Birmingham... what we didn't expect were the wonderful conversations and opportunities to witness in other peoples lives.  To allow God to work through us to bless the down-trodden... and then receive God's blessings as he worked through others to encourage us.

Our pending travels: sooner than we thought but instead of feeling stressed... we feel excited and ready for the challenge of a 4-week packing and preparing time frame vs. the original 8 weeks we thought we had ahead!

And as a result, God's messages; biblically and interpersonally, have done that "transforming" thing on deep levels.  Levels that make us want to dive deeper-and-deeper.

Not all of life feels like this.  It is like those moments: your wedding day, the birth of a child, the celebration of life, a beautiful-long-awaited-for vacation.... it is wonderful.  But life ultimately ensues on the in-between.

We must admit, though, life does not resume the same.  There is still that essence... the imprint... of what we experienced: the transformation.  It alters our view, deepens our understandings and enriches our being beyond explanation.

I love living in these transforming moments.  I also love and look forward to the moments beyond when these times will continue to deepen my Walk and help me to encourage others.

I pray, for you, to be imprinted with heart-warming-deeply transforming moments in and out of every day of your life.


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  1. I like writing in my diary, so I can remember the times God intervenes. He visits us daily and sometimes we do not see. Yes life ensues in the in-betweens! Patsy from
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