Thursday, July 12, 2012


It hangs in the air - like a mist - the small hand in mine - the growing arms reaching for a hug - the tea parties and dancing and adventures - always adventures.

Moments in time linger in my mind like snapshots and video clips.  I still have a hard time looking through pregnancy magazines.  All that was and can never be again - a swelling,  wiggling belly - a soft bundle in my arms.

But when I sit and share on life's heart moments - anticipating the future of my college student, prep for high school with my daughter, sign-up for volunteer work for my missional 12 year old and listen to the sweet chatter of my 9 year old... the pain dulls and the heart swells.

Lord- let me never forget the sweet fragrance of these years too.  Yesterdays may be gone, but memories live on.  Today is here and must be lived while I'm in it

 Many Blessings,

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    1. Thank you :-) God's blessing of my sweet darlings make it possible :-)

  2. I have a diary and I like reading through it, especially the entries where my son was a baby and a toddler! Yes memories live on! Patsy from

    1. When My oldest few were small I kept a gratitude journal... so special to look back at now :-)