Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Eyes On Jesus

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.
- Galatians 6:9 (ESV)

She can't find her shirt.  I KNOW I washed it, folded it and put it in the basket of clothes for her to put away.  She needs it for club tonight.

The living room is over-run with boxes and bins.  I don't handle clutter and disorganization of my own doing very well.  The cause?  That is a long story.

Up before birds to make breakfast for a group of men whom we pray daily are growing in the Word as my husband, NOT a morning person, leaves early for the 6am Bible study (Truth Project) he is leading them through... breakfast food tray in hand.

The kids have made a mess of their room (not hard, it is small with 4 in 1) and I can't even get to the homework basket to update their folders.

Index cards and library books are sprawled everywhere in both living room and bedroom as oldest daughter and daddy work on her final project video to round out the school year (and take part in a contest).

I'm tired.

I'm weary.

Jesus, please, can I just give up?  Just stop where I am and lay down, be done?

We are preparing to enter a 'next' season of life.  One which we are planning a picnic dinner at the park tonight to talk to the kids about in private.  One which will bring a great deal of work and preparation.  One that will call us outside of our comfort zone... and them outside of theirs.  One where we will be a family of 5 instead of 6 as our oldest heads off to college.  One where we may, possibly, sound like we have gone crazy!


If the life of a Christian is anything but crazy (and radical) is it really the life Jesus has called us to live?

All these things are overwhelming me and even wearing me down at moments.  But they are also pulling me out and driving me on... to desire not being stuck in some rut of hopeless dim car-in-the-garage Christian living, rather, inspiring me to have all that Jesus promises... that deep in your heart joy that comes with obedience and endurance through His plans. 

 I (and my husband) are being careful to pray every-step-of-the-way.  Hoping to avoid snares and traps.  NOT giving up "as some are accustomed to do" but pushing on and not growing weary even though we feel it at times!  Because....

...our eyes are on Jesus.

And when we walk a difficult, yet hopeful, path it is best to not look down.  Like the old adage when in a high place... "don't look down!"  Look up, look ahead, look in all the places you see Jesus and just follow.

As this is my prayer and posture through a BIG changes season... I pray it is yours through any season.

Most sincere blessings,

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  1. Oh, sweetie, I'm right there with you....right there in the clothes, the food...and I noticed your link...Jennifer and I have suspended Mustard Seed Planting....there are so many wonderful resources out there....and I so appreciate your love and your words!! I'm considering something new soon....LOVE YOU!

    1. I thought you had suspended Mustard Seed planting but don't mind linking to your site for others to enjoy :-) Thank you for your encouraging words. I can't want to see what the "new" thing is! With love... :-)

  2. Oh Amanda!
    I love what God is doing with and through your family. What an adventure! What a blessing to be called into a life of missionary work.
    Praying strength and endurance and the peace of Christ into your lives.
    Many Blessings,

    1. Thank you, your prayers mean so much. We couldn't be doing what we do without a strong network of devoted prayer partners. The road is rough sometimes and without His strength and blessings we could do none of it on our own! Blessings to you on the paths you travel :-)