Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choosing Joy

Happiness is a fleeting emotion... dependent upon circumstance and attitude.  I learned a number of years ago that it was fatal to rely on happiness to give my day purpose and joy.  Happiness-centered living was the source of roller-coaster rides of emotions, confusion, and heartache.

No.  I laid that down.

I traded "happiness" for joy in the Lord.  Life's trials may come, and I won't say I am not rocked sometimes, but center for me is no longer happiness... it is joy.  Because in all circumstances we can find the joy and peace of the Lord... knowing His presence will never 'leave nor forsake us'.  He can comfort us, give us rest in the difficult places and delights in hearing our celebrations in times of rejoicing.

I choose joy.

"One is often afraid to indulge in happiness because it is so fleeting.  But joy is something that has roots.  It isn't something that is blown about by the winds of circumstance; so perhaps this joy will always be in reach if we aren't afraid to rest in God's blessings and trust Him wholeheartedly no matter what the circumstances."  p. 200 Pocketful of Pinecones by Karen Andreola

Will you choose joy with me?

Be blessed and joy-filled,

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