Friday, May 25, 2012

Blinking Away Yesterdays

I don't know about the other moms out there, but there is just something about the first-born.  Like a first anything monumental in life, the memory of it is so vivid and precious... all the yesterdays seem as if they were today.

As some of you know, my oldest, Zach, is the only of my children to go through public school start-to-finish.  He was in 8th grade when we made the decision to homeschool.  He loved the sports and friends and did well in academics so we listened to his requests to stay in the learning environment he knew and loved.

It was hard, for a time, to still send him off each day.  But as I watch the confident young man he was growing into it was hard not to be proud.  I may be sentimental but the years of firsts and watching my young ones grow is strengthening this soft heart of mine.  It is a good thing as we look to graduation ceremonies next week, considering old photos, perhaps a little choked now... I know my cheeks will be tear-stained come next Friday night...

First day of Kindergarten

3rd or 4th grade, Valentine Box :)

Baby Brooke never wanted to let Big Brother Zach leave for school!

5th grade, just learning to drum!

Studious in Middle school

Even middle-schoolers aren't too cool to win all the great prizes at the school fair!  Showing off the loot with little sis Ashley

Trying to look intimidating in 8th grade after trying on his football jersey before his first game

Still studious in early high school :)


Throwing shot-put in high school track

Senior year homecoming spirit-week

Senior year marching in homecoming parade (center)
Family Photo after last High School band concert in December...
... because he took early graduation and finished in January
But he continued to participate in school functions with friends and his sweet girlfriend.  Especially PROM!
Mama and her boy all decked out for Prom 3/17/12
I know it's a bit blurry... but had to share that 'baby' Brooke isn't such a baby anymore... but big brother Zach is still treasured just as much :-)

And here he is with his lovely girlfriend adding the minor details before the dance.

It is hard to imagine September was 8 months ago... just another of those "yesterdays" creeping into today.  We look at our 'little' Ashley finishing her (homeschool) middle school career and looking towards the high school (homeschool) years ahead while watching big brother experience celebrations and conclusions of all things 'childhood'.  Today as yesterday is only a blink away!

Next week, as we prepare for visiting family and celebrations of our graduate, I will be away from the blogging world.  I will return the following week (also known as birthday week here because both boys' birthdays fall in that week!) and look forward to sharing more fun pictures and God's Word then!

Be blessed... and DON'T BLINK... today will soon be yesterday as all the tomorrows flood by!

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  1. Oh my goodness; what a sweet post and good reminder that the little years are fleeting and go all to fast! stopping by from the HMJ.

    1. :-) the greatest treasures on earth are the moments we store in our hearts... thanks for stopping by!