Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dr. Luke

It is Dr. Luke I have on my mind lately.  I am probably half+ way through my inductive explorations of his gospel (technically part 1 of 2 gospels, the second being Acts).  However, I must make a confession... I didn't want to study another gospel!  After just finishing Mark on my e-SBS explorations, I wanted something more applicable then the repetitive history of another gospel and the life of Jesus.

God convicted me almost instantly.

The lie I was raised on is that all the gospels are essentially the same with overlapping and fill-in-the-blank antidotes of the life of Christ.  That was all.  But that is not all.  My inductive studies have shown me the tremendous depth and diversity to every single book in God's amazing Word.

Luke is no exception.

Written by a gentile in what is unarguably the most precise Greek in all of the New Testament, by a man who was BFF with the apostle Paul, Luke was an expert on medical terms and extremely meticulous about facts and research. 

He knew his stuff.

When Dr. Luke wrote his gospel, he was assessing the human-nature of God incarnate... and the God nature of this human form.  Writing to a Greek culture which was always searching to deify the perfect man.

And God gave us all Christ.

So, as I tackle Luke, praying for God to reveal to me, His truths in His Word, I suddenly found myself propelled by real-life stories with modern-day application. 

Who knew?  Well... Luke knew... and God knew when he used Luke to write his gospel.

I'm loving it and I am here today, first, to encourage you to give it a try:

  • Study a Gospel... in depth
  • Search out the Words of Jesus
  • Look at the maps and see where Jesus walked
  • Observe the interactions
  • Understand who the gospel is written to and why 
  • Then ask, "God, how can I apply this today?"

And second, I wanted to lay the groundwork... prepare for the message I feel God wants me to share tomorrow... from this un-assuming and quite amazing book: Luke

Be blessed as you search God's Word and see His Truth. 

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  1. Love it! It is often tempting to look at certain books of the Bible and think that while they are good history, they just don't apply (Like the end of Exodus and Numbers), but God told us that ALL of Scripture is useful, and He's right, we just have to dig a little deeper. Wonderful post, Amanda. :)

    Popping into visit you from the Word-filled Wednesday link up.

    1. Very well said Heather, thank you so very much for sharing! You are exactly right. Isn't it wonder to hear God's voice and trust how timeless He is?

      Thank you for popping by! Be blessed :-)

  2. Good stuff. Too often I study the scripture like I'm drinking coffee like it's to suit me and not to dig in like it's food I need.

    1. When I first started studying scripture with a concordance at my side, God opened my eyes to such depth and beauty in his word... it has been hard to study any other way since! I pray you are well fed!