Friday, April 13, 2012

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom: Spring Break

This is one of those "Confessions of a Homeschool Mom" posts... (anyone think we need a meme entitled as such?!)  Last month I shouted out to the world how, regardless of my 'paycheck' (or lack there-of) I would persevere.

I'm here to tell you, my perseverance waned... but I had help!

The week before we were suppose to have spring break, the kids took turns with a day-long temperature and sore throat.  I didn't have the heart to push them through language arts and math.  So we threw in the towel!  And wouldn't you know, just as the towel falls, the sun was brighter and the weather warmer.  We determined to enjoy every ounce of it.... a picnic lunch with homemade peanut butter cookies; a new, easy, 3-ingredient recipe I had time to dig up since we had no spelling list to study or history projects to complete...

... tuna sandwiches and lemonade - the orange cones establishing a perimeter for our cotton tail bunny, Peter, who enjoyed fun and games too...
... and even puffy Cheetos, a rare treat in our home!

I had planned to take pictures of all the extra fun we had that week accept I kept forgetting my camera (seriously... it was sad!) and then, halfway through our early break, I accidentally sliced my hand open while trying to cut chicken I happened to be holding in my palm!  The children were able to glean some life-lessons that day:

- how to wrap a deep gash so you don't bleed too badly on the way to the emergency room
- how to help grandma make an impromptu dinner because mom couldn't finish what she started
          and the biggest lesson of all ("Kids, repeat after me...")
- "Your hand is not a cutting board!"

It was a good break, aside from the hand gash thing. I wanted to share last Friday, if it weren't for my hand which did not want to cooperate and heal at first.  So I share now, these confessions of a homeschool mom who determines to push when God says "relax"!  Isn't it always just easier to submit to the peace God wishes to give instead of fight our way to the success we think should surely be ours?  After all, the paradox of Kingdom mentality: submission is success!

I pray you are not as stubborn as I!!  That your times of peace are not forced but rather, simply, accepted!

Have a blessed weekend.

Click on this link:  Where's The Paycheck, to see my defiant ideas to push through until my planned week off for spring break!  Yes, I am humbly submitting my flaws for your viewing pleasure!! 

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