Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where's the Paycheck?

The birds are in almost deafening sing-song unison... spring is in the air.  I wish I could say our homeschool was laxed enough to seize spring fever and take an early break... but we aren't!  Actually, taking liberty in unscheduled breaks earlier this school year and a busy summer ahead has caused us to buckle down just about the time we desperately need a break (note to self: schedule a TWO week vacation in early spring next year... not just ONE!)

So we push and we persevere.  I  am not slave-driving by any means (they won't even have spelling next week), but it is getting up early, keeping on task and trying to enjoy making the most of our directed study time in the two weeks we have left before our spring break officially starts.

Can it be done?

"I don't wannnnnaaaa."  Says me as the alarm blares.  Why... WHY is it so important?

My attitude was beginning to threaten my resolve to encourage their work. I took a moment before "class time" to prepare and I found myself thinking... how much easier it must be for public/private school teachers to get up each day, go to work, and teach... they get paid!  Ok, maybe not that much easier... trying to inspire other people's kids is not always worth the paycheck!  Still, I thought, there is that 'reward'. So... what does it really matter that I get up, push each day, seek to teach and help my children learn today... can't we learn all this stuff later... eventually.... when we get around to it?

Then God spoke.  He laid in my heart the supreme value of a homeschool parent.  Of perseverance; not giving up even when we want to.  He revealed to me that if I became complacent in teaching, my precious children would become complacent in learning.

So I boldly asked: "What is it all for? What is it all worth?  Where is my paycheck?"

Then God revealed something beautiful:

Your paycheck isn't in the bank.  It isn't in anything you buy or hold... it is in the eyes of those darling children... the spark when they 'get it'... the realization that they are learning and growing in knowledge.  The paycheck is in that piece of paper you will place in their hands when they reach graduation day and they wrap their arms around your neck and say, with deep feeling, "Thank you mom."  When you see them step into life after school and grow in wisdom and stature because of their education, at home, even on those days when you all wanted to give up.  There is no monetary value in the paycheck... the rewards are priceless, they lie within the heart and mind.

I could not deny this truth.  Teaching is so much more than a paycheck... it is an investment into Something bigger than ourselves and someone who will someday step into the world with the tools and knowledge we, as homeschooling parents under God's blessings, have given them.

So, I straightened my shoulders and stepped into my day... Mrs. Mom, "Now class, turn to page 205..."  I love my job... I love the paycheck.  I thank the good Lord for reminding me where true value lies.

May you be blessed with a great paycheck too.  With His voice reassuring you just how valuable your 'job' is!


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  1. Correcting my perspective can help me get out of bed. I get it.

    1. Sometimes I don't want to get it!!! So much easier to sleep in ;-) But, yes, and I am thankful God shares these perspectives... it helps remind me that it is never about me.