Saturday, March 31, 2012

Check Engine Lights

So I started to type an article on Thursday using this image with the idea that sometimes we get run down and our check engine light comes on and we need to put it in park and take a break.  But dinner time was approaching and the article didn’t seem quite right so I put it on hold and went to make some sweet and sour chicken.

I thought the chicken was still half frozen.  So with a freshly sharpened knife I tried a fillet cut with the chicken breast resting nicely in the palm of my hand.  I do this all the time… my husband says I shouldn’t.  I guess he’s right.  The chicken wasn’t as frozen as I thought…  And the knife was sharper than I thought…  And it didn’t take as many stitches as I thought!

I am OK and the absolute blessing is that the knife stopped just before slicing my tendon.  The stitches should come out in a week and I am praying for a speedier recovery than that.  The other miracle is that my computer apparently has a voice recognition program which I am using to type this article.  It is more laborious than typing because it doesn’t always understand me well!  But I am thankful because I have deadlines coming. The blog carnival is Monday /Tuesday (more reading then typing though) and I was asked to submit an article for the Homeschool Minute which is due Monday (I didn’t know I would be having a technical difficulty when they asked)!

All this to say, I’m still kickin’…  Or at least trying to!  Please pray for a speedy recovery and light work in the process!

Oh, and about the check engine light…  When your check engine light comes on you really should put it in park…  I found that out the hard way!

Be blessed and be rested this weekend,

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Carnival of Homeschooling is Coming...

Spring is in the air....
And I hope everyone will come and share...

I will be hosting the Homeschool Blog Carnival April 3rd.  Please come and share!

I would love to do a spring theme... anything spring goes.
Write an article about...
books with a springish theme
and so on... and so on... and so on!
We love pictures too!

I hope you will join me and make this a big and wonderful carnival :-)  

To see what a carnival looks like, visit the current carnival over at Homeschool Bytes.

Once you have your submission ready visit the Cate's website, Why Homeschool, to see posting submission requirements 

 Then send it to:    
Submissions are due by 6 pm, Monday, April 2nd
 Sooner is better for Carnival piecing together.