Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leaving Margins

I am hyper today!  It is strange.  A few months ago I wrote about possessing an evenness... self-control such as Paul discusses in Titus.  I know I need to practice composure (so as not to annoy others!) yet my excitement persists...

Plans are processing.

I am a planner (I'm kind of freakish about it!)  I like to have a schedule.  I think most homeschoolers, parents, and anyone with a measure of busy-ness in their lives needs some plans of some kind if they are to keep on top of things.

I set my plans out in the fall for a productive school year.  It was very exciting.  But I messed one thing up... I forgot to leave Margins.  The pastor mentioned it on Sunday, leaving margins in our lives.  I was so wrapped up in what we could do that I packed in nearly every minute of every day.  I went easy on the kids (I learned back in the beginning of homeschooling that too much for the kids is a big headache for mom!).  But when it came to me... not a moment to spare.

Sad really.

Sometimes the best laid plans, when not laid through the best Planner, are really not good plans at all.

And here I state I'm hyper and excited today!

It is because I started the new year with something different:  a new plan.

It looks a lot like the old one only there have been some tweaks and adjustments.  And it started with one key element:  prayer.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. 
- Jeremiah 29:11

How do we know what His plans are if we don't seek Him in what He needs us to do first?  I sought him in our lesson plans.  I sought him in our goals this year.  But I failed to seek him completely in when to get all things done... and when to leave some margins.

By  Christmas break I was feeling like all the things God has set out before me would be impossibly lost because my plans were all in the way.  And then he showed me that was just it... they were MY plans.

So I have started walking.  A few mornings a week.  Seeking and hoping and, most of all, praying.  Talking to my Father, seeking His plans for my day, week, and future.

The joy of these times and what He spreads out to show me has simply run over.  It shows on my face, it comes out in my words, it is expressed in my actions.  I want to jump and shout because I matter to Him enough for His plans to be known and be given for a future of hope.

He wants to share His plans with you too!  I pray you are always hearing them, letting go of your own and leaving margins for all the possibilities He wants to share with you too!

May God bless you this week in all you plan to do!

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  1. Amanda, I have shirked away from my planner....I have an overall plan, but write them as we accomplish them...he's been changing my plans a lot lately...I guess I finally gave in!!! I have missed you over the break and am so blessed to have you back!!!!

  2. What a great reminder! Prayer really is the best way to build in margin and to give us balance and a godly perspective.

  3. Thank you for making this important point. I needed the reminder to seek Him first in everything, to be sure I'm following His plans, not my own, and to leave margins.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Denise, Thank you, my joy is in the Lord :-)

    Rebecca, I have missed you all too! I went through a time of constant change where I did much like you, had a Ta-Done list instead of a to-do. The overall 'idea' of what our day should be help direct at times. It is part of the seasons we experience and now that I think of it, I should have posted the video blog I did this morning, I think it would have spoke to as well!

    Sharon, Yes and yes! It is funny how we can listen when we want and not always when we should! Oh how He blesses us when we submit and obey!

    Jennifer, you are very welcome, I write only that which the Lord lays on my heart and I am blessed to know we shared the same need today :-)