Wednesday, December 14, 2011

He Is Calling

I must first admit, if you follow our KOG website, you may have read about this topic yesterday.  But where I seek to, through the Holy Spirit's lead, write to the mind there.... here I seek to write to the heart.

I have been studying with YWAM's School of Biblical Studies online (e-SBS) for the last 7 months.  The book of Mark has been our focus for the past 5 weeks.   For me, my studies take place early.  Up at 5am, dressed, coffee in hand.  I am not a morning person.  Seriously.  It is sad!  But God gifts me with the energy I need and the focus required to dive into His Word.

One goal in SBS is to identify the theme of the books as you study them.  On a particular morning I was combing through the verses in Chapter 10.  The assignment:  give paragraph headings that reflect the theme of the book.  Only 6 more chapters to go and I somehow felt like I was missing something.  I prayed for understanding.  I sought open doors.  I knew Mark was about what Jesus did, his servanthood, but where is the scripture that reveals this most profoundly in his nature?  I know how he heals, I know he speaks, I know he teaches.... but I just felt something deeper was waiting to be discovered.

Enter Mark 10:49

Jesus stood still and said, "Call him here."  And they called the blind man, saying to him, "Take heart; get up, he is calling you."

I don't like to repeat articles and messages, having written about this on KOG this week, but this one just stops my heart.  This one just calls to me to share and shout and live.  I felt like the head of the matter on KOG had to be delivered through the heart here... and this is why...

When we consider Mark and the theme of what Jesus did, this passage encompasses it all.  It isn't just the temporal servitude... it is the external call to the inner workings of man that he came to display.  This passage is the heart of that message. 


He stood among humankind, on earth, for a time so he could call us to him.

My heart swelled, I nearly cried.  I had to hold myself from jumping up at the table, everyone still asleep, and shouting , "HE IS CALLING US ALL RIGHT NOW!!!"

The descriptive narration in this story reflected the message so beautifully.

  • Take heart... he is calling YOU
  • The man sprang up
  • Jesus said, "Your faith has made you well."
  • and finally, the man followed him on the way.

Oh how we can learn from this full story in Mark 10:46-52.  How God calls us... how he asks us what we need and we reveal to him our desires... but he already knows... he just wants to SEE our faith.

The blind man ignored the hushers who discouraged him from seeking Jesus.  The man didn't listen to those who tried to stop his pleas, he knew it was more important to cry out to Jesus and Jesus rewarded that faith.

He STOOD, He called and he healed.

The man responded immediately going to Jesus.  What if we sprang up when He called.  How much of our hearts could he heal if we called out to Him amidst discouragements?  What if we didn't care what others said or thought?  What if showing our Faith to Christ became our greatest focus in-and-out of every day instead of putting on a show for those around us?

Many in my family are unbelievers and cynics.  My response to Christ, my calls to Him, His grace for me, my faith... it comes with a price.  People I love, people I was once close to, are now far away.  But I know, if Jesus STOOD for me, I can stand for Him.  My faith may not always be rewarded here... but it isn't here I seek my reward.  He heals my heart, he covers my loss, and when heaven comes I look forward to seeing HIM standing there waiting for me because I answered His call and sprang to Him.

Be blessed this holiday season.  Spring to Him, Thank God that a baby came to one day be a man that STOOD and called for all to come... to SEE faith and hope restored.


  1. The post at KOG and the post here---2 sides of the same coin---both spoke to me deeply. In my Mustard Seed Planting post this week, I too pondered the fact that God came to earth to live among us. It's a beautiful, heart-shattering truth that we must never forget. He loved us enough to come and STAND among us, calling us to Himself.

    May my heart be full of love and my body spring up to obey quickly, following Him wherever He leads.

    Through tears,

  2. Amanda, Thank you for this...THIS HIT home!

    "It isn't just the temporal servitude... it is the external call to the inner workings of man that he came to display. This passage is the heart of that message.

    Jesus STOOD

    He stood among humankind, on earth, for a time so he could call us to him."

    YES!!!!! Thank you!

  3. Amen! What a wonderful Word spoken to your heart and a blessing to have you share. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ladies, Thank you so much for your encouragement and sharing. I am blessed that God could speak to you through my post. Many blessings!