Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simply Thankful

As I bake and prepare and look to Thanksgiving 2011 I have no words more than what I posted on our KOG website today.  I am simply Thankful.  Thankful for family, for a roof over our heads, for love and laughter, for a husband who understands and listens and hearts grown closer to Christ each day, each year that passes.

Thanksgivings past, laughter and smiles of some who are gone and most who are far, fill my mind with warm memories that make each celebration here, in this place, with my growing brood, that much more special.  Will they have memories like mine?  Will they remember love and laughter... I think so. 

Generations will come and go but the most lasting as the years pass is the Father's love, the joy it leaves, and the Spirit that carries on.

May your Thanksgiving be full of love, hope and Faith that each passing year lives on in His Grace.

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