Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Mother's Homeschool Journal #21

In my life this past month…
... I took a lot of time off!  I was just plugging forward so fast, so hard, I forgot to stop and smell the sunflowers.  

I couldn't seem to hear His voice and my heart ached for the peace His guidance brings.

So I had an adjustment.  
A chiropractic spiritual tweak to make everything right.

I blogged less, prayed more and journaled bunches.

By month's end His voice was loud and clear.  One message received in prayer:  Homeschool Journal recording should probably be once a month for me.  For a few reasons, the biggest one of which (other than my Father telling me so) was time and my often lack of.  So here I am, recording October :-)

In our homeschool this past month…
Brenden's math books were set aside for hand-made math to get him over a comprehension hump.  He seems to be trucking along now and back in love with numbers (even if they do wiggle around in front of his dyslexic eyes!) and ready to inch back into his books.  I'm so thankful for that freedom!

I am trying hard to get Ashley to search information in her math.  Referencing previous lessons for review points.  She runs hot and cold on the cooperation in that effect.  She doesn't realize I am more persistent than her!  

Brenden and Brooke finished their Flat Stanley reading and projects.  As I type this, Flat Brenden is having a good time with some friends in England and Flat Brooke is hanging out with a friend in Washington :0)  We are looking forward to their return and all the wonderful stories of their adventures!  Then they will be off to see their grandma in Tennessee!  (She will be able to see just how much they have grown!)

Language Arts is working well.  Some hiccups in our days are reminding me of how grateful I am that our curriculum this year has some wiggle room!  I have accidentally got the kids proudly calling it "L.A." because that is how I abbreviate it on everything!

yummy edible solar system!
topographical face!
We wrapped up our study on the initial colonization of the United States and our space study in Science.  I am concerned for how much is being retained, mainly by Ashley.  Her ADHD mind doesn't always want to sit and attend the information we read -or- the projects we do to get them interacting with history and science.  I am integrating videos whenever I can and that does help.  But when asked questions about the things she knows, she impulsively answers, "I don't know." and I have to pray against agitation (am I more upset that she won't access her memory bank or that she makes me look like a bad teacher when she does that?)  She did, however, complete her last History chapter review with much less complaint and greater accuracy then previous chapters!  Progress... right?  

(I'm thankful Brooke can at least be studious!  She even complained this week when sickness kept her from her math workbook and spelling words and journal pages!  lol)

When I consider all of these aspects in our curriculum, one thing I find myself doing is looking at Ashley,  and thinking of college 4 1/2 years away.  She will need to self-pace and pursue information when that time comes.  Yet another driving force behind our persistent push forward!  (To acquire knowledge and glorify God is our first reason for perseverance in school!)

We have made the alteration in our schedule to attempt weekly visits to the library where we are able to spppprrrraaaawwwwlllll way out and do our school work :-)  It has blessed us all and the kids look forward to it.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing this coming month…
Turkey day is upon us.  Thankfulness most in mind!  Considering traditions, 20 years worth, always under my own roof and now, under someone else's.  I feel a twinge of emotion and a pull to know wherever I go, there God is... and that is all that matters.  

In that regard, we discovered our new church will be having a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving.  We are so thrilled to be part of a church now that is actively trying to provide for the needs of the congregation (including making sure everyone has a 'family' to be with that day) that we are going to sign up to be part of it.  So we plan and pray and look to new traditions and observations... 

My favorite thing this past month was…
Wedding Anniversary and hand-made rings from my daughter :-)  

 And our week long retreat for prayer and waiting on God for discernment.
What's working/not working for us...
During retreat we talked about much.  One result being a need for some tweaks in our school/daily schedule.  This makes the third tweak since the school year started!  They aren't major changes, just some shuffling around of small things to reveal a big difference.  

I'm just thankful for flexibility and grace in what we do... that when we see the days aren't set just right, we can adjust, accommodate, and make it all work.  I'm so thankful to know God cares how our schedule goes too... after all, a well planned day should result in some devoted time with Him!

I’m reading…
I had to share this one!  One of my first books studied in the School of Biblical Studies was Philemon.  This story takes place in that time, in that region, and apparently is about Philemon, his wife, and the dynamics of an obscure apostle named Paul and a slave named Onesimus :-)  Fiction of course but so fun to consider the personal reactions and events from a daily perspective in early 1st century!  (Apparently there are more books in the series too!)

The Centurion's Wife
When I am not studying in the book of Mark (our next inductive target!) or doing other motherly/wifely/etc duties (ie, whenever I can steal some minutes) I am reading this!

I’m praying for…
 A team from the organization we volunteer as staff with is in South Africa this week meeting with pastors in that region.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Be blessed this November, in homeschool and out!

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