Friday, October 28, 2011

Silence Found, Peace Restored

It is in the quiet that we often hear the most.  Where God's sweet, soft voice fills our hearts and our ears.  It was the quiet I sought over the last two weeks as Faithful Homeschool lay silent.  Not quiet from you, my dear readers, but from myself as I worked at His leading instead of allowing myself to be led by Him.

On retreat with my dear family, away from phones, to-dos, school books and big screens... we walked, we played, we shared, we prayed.  Sweet peace descended and God's voice grew louder.  The view without became reflected within and in a little cabin, shored in by lake and framed in by mountain I saw the path again.

A retreat like that may not be possible again for a long time.  But the lessons and speakings of the Spirit to my heart will be carried as long as I choose to follow and remember.  My greatest prayer is to do His Words justice as I share here each week.  Allowing His Truths to unfold here with you, I pray that you may feel the sweet serenity of His great Peace there where you are.  In front of computer screens in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. 

As I sat in the quiet and prayed mid-week, the Spirit put this song on my heart.  I share it with you now, that you may close your eyes and be enveloped in His blessed peace.

God bless you dear friends.  May you have a lovely and Spirit filled weekend.

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