Monday, October 31, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #361-380

 October has been a whirl-wind month.  Full of firsts and lasts and special moments indescribable.  While not all have been wonderful, many have been transforming and I am thankful for each and every part...

 ... like the 17 year old, marching for mom for the last time (the serious one on the far end!).  I could have cried, knowing graduation is so close and the once 9 year old learning how to hold those drum sticks can now wield them with acute efficiency... I will miss those drumming hands and handsome face when next fall comes and he starts life anew, likely two states away.

 ... yes, I will even miss that goofy chili eating face and the annual band chili feed with the whole family!  God has blessed us that, having one public schooler, we have an amazing music department and devoted band teacher who makes all his students feel important and their parents grateful for such a great leader (and fun activities the entire family can attend!)

... These faces are here to stay... for a while anyway.  I am reminded, over and over, how grateful I am to God for blessing my scared womb with four more children then doctors said I should have had.

 ... for a school year still on track (and I pray continuing on track) to do fun projects like edible solar systems with children still imaginative enough to think of a happy sun shining down on them and their Son filled hearts.

 ... for time out of our tiny room and in the vastness of our local library.  Librarians who smile sweet smiles and listen to 8 year old girls share the latest book they are reading, as if a little girl's synopsis was what she came to work for that day!

 ... October, for me, brings another sweetness.  Each time I bake my heart warms with the oven and I often think of women, century-after-century, with skilled hands and determined hearts to give their families more than required and all because Faith calls them to love and work and live like Proverbs 31

 ... the second greats blessing this month was my hearts prayer for local apple trees and bushels of the round red beauties for pies and cakes, reserved in my freezer for such a time.  Then God answered the groanings of my spirit with pre-picked boxes full and at no charge.  My freezer is slowly filling and, while I would have gladly stood on ladders, my body does not ache from a long picking day.

... but the first greatest, dearest, sweetest blessing (tied with the celebrated memory of my wedding day at month's beginning) was the 5 day/4 night retreat God divinely provided for me and family.  Hours filled with family games, long private talks for me and dear sweet hubby and equally long private talks between me and the Father.  For lessons taught to an eager heart and beauty glimpsed both here and eternally.

I am but a humble servant.  Month-by-month I seek to glorify him with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind... and all my fingers can tap on this simple little keyboard.

I pray your October has been blessed... both in the memorial and the pivotal.... the good and the bad... God can use it all.

Bless you sweet friends,

*I am counting my blessings, you can too....

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