Monday, September 19, 2011

A Season of Hope

I'm thinking on fall today.  The official Autumn Equinox begins Friday and thus my favorite season commences.

Some have thought me crazy to favor a season most consider "death" but that isn't what I see. 

I see color; a palette of fresh new perspective and an opportunity to see the lush green re-bloom into spectacular oranges, golds and reds.  Everywhere a rainbow, a splash of hope before branches are bare and darkness sets in.

What if we saw Autumn not as death but as hope?  The prelude to a dormant season, like Palm Sunday parades before the vibrant, heart-racing events of Crucifixion Friday.  The darkness that sets in before resurrection comes then Spring bursting forth with life and the promise that Autumn, two seasons before, prepared us for.

Yes, Autumn to me is hope and today I feel a need for that hope.  A wilting and withering inside where I know life will spring back.  My hope spreads, colors in my heart and I am certain winter will be skipped because the Price has already been paid so we might enjoy seasons of peace no matter our circumstances!



  1. Amanda, I like your thoughts on Autumn...I like to think of it as a Saturday morning. Those are the days I get the lay in bed longer...relish in that comfort and pray to my father there.....and regain my courage and strength for the next six the Earth, closing in and sleeping...resting for the harvest!!! Hope you are well....

  2. Rebecca, Thank you so much for your last three comments! You are always encouraging to my heart! We are having a better week this week and I appreciate your prayers and asking! God bless you dear friend :-)