Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #338-350

I'm not superficial.  Far from it actually.  *There is just something to be said for a nicely set table and food that is spread out on display, ready to be dished up and taken in.  *The nourishment that makes us complete.

 I especially enjoy a simply set table with healthy choices carefully (even quickly) prepared for my darlings to devour.  *I get a certain satisfaction when I have mixed and cooked and sliced and poured and they come, sit down, bow their heads to give thanks then sweetly say, "Thanks Mama" and they really mean it.   *Getting their fill and growing each inch because of the bounty and ability God provides.

Just as much as I love to nourish them physically, I feel blessed to nourish their intellect.  *To see them studiously plugging along at math problems our intently soaking up the words in a book... I feel blessed to be part of this development in their lives.

 And it is that much cuter with kittens!  They always wanted kittens.  And even though these cuties... I mean kitties aren't ours, we get to share them for a time while we are here!*

*With all the nourishing, God grows in their hearts and when their hearts are overflowing they tend to share all that love.  I probably should have picked a better back-drop then a sun drenched window!  But the best point of all is easily seen:  *their joy in collecting stuffed animals for children rescued from abusive homes. 

*My own heart swells each time I think of the donations and the happy pickings from their own collection and the saving of quarters to buy more... *all for children they will never see but always know could be blessed and comforted by a little bit of cuddly softness.

Jesus is the bread of life.  *His provision never fails or falls short... even when we do.  *What a joy it is to know this, to live it and find peace in it... in Him.  *To be provided for, mind, body and spirit, by the One who gives us all the perfect and most healthy portions!

May you be filled with God's great provision this week.

*I am counting my blessings, you can too....


  1. It is certainly a joy to live knowing that we have the Bread of Life! Have a blessed day! (stopping by from iFellowship)

  2. Hello! Stopping by from the iFellowship Blog hop. I think what your kids are doing with the stuffed animals is wonderful!! What a great cause! God bless you and your beautiful family.

  3. Congrats on being the featured friend at iFellowship! Love your kitten photos ... we have a cat who added to our homeschool, too! And I LOVE that your children are donating stuffed animals to children rescued from abusive homes. What a fantastic way for them to make a difference! Deb @

  4. Yum!! =) Great miscellanies =)

  5. Shan, thank you, you too!

    Simply, Thank you, they do bless my heart. Bless you too!

    Deb, Thank you soo much Deb! I was quite surprised and very blessed, so wonderful to see new faces on this end!

    Kelli, Thank you! I just had to share! ;-)