Friday, September 9, 2011

The Mother's Homeschool Journal #18


In my life this week…
Ok, so this picture isn't from this week... actually it is from a year ago this week when we celebrated my darling hubby's 40th with a surprise party at a friend's house.  We round the corner to a new birthday this Saturday.  We had hoped to go cabin camping at one of the Bible camps in our area to celebrate and relax.  Since we 'do' schoolwork 4 days a week (Tuesday - Friday) we switched our week around to start Monday and finish Thursday.  My hope was to have plenty of time to prepare and leave Friday around lunch.

The switch went well enough but it would seem it is not in God's plan for us to get away this weekend.  EVERY Bible camp in our area was booked!  So, the kids and I are enjoying a FOUR day weekend although I feel bad for my hubby's hopes. (What he doesn't know is that our 17-year old is taking us all out to dinner at hubby's fave restaurant!)

I still don't have a regular schedule implemented for Blogging but God is beginning to show me the nuggets in time and how to use them.  I have come to realize my KOG Blog will have to be trimmed in, not just because of homeschooling, but because we are working hard to prepare the switch-over to a new and updated website and the time and content needing attention can't be realized with my current schedule.  

So I continue to wait on the Lord for direction and detail :-)

In our homeschool this week…
We started in on our Science curriculum this week.  All the kids seem to be enjoying it and observing science through God's microscope (We are using A-Beka) :-)   
We have wrapped up week two of school and our intro to history/geography study.  We have reviewed continents, oceans and all that goes into a map (as you saw here last week!).  We wrapped up by discussing why explorers had their adventures and our schoolroom/bedroom smelt like cloves for a few days afterward!  (fun poster craft!)

With all of the intros out of the way and our schedule mostly set, I feel like the school year will be officially in full-swing as of next week!

One downside to the week was Brenden's tendency to dwaddle... still.  Wednesday his dwaddling sucked in his little sister and they both were gently scolded for not being on task when they should be working.  The same thing repeated, to a lesser degree, on Thursday and I am pondering the fact that it may be their learning environment...

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Chinatown for some great Chinese food tomorrow night (but shhhhh, don't tell my husband!)  May not seem like a big deal, but for this family of 6, living within a missionary's budget (aka, slim-pickins) it is rare that we ever eat out, let alone somewhere like Chinatown!

My favorite thing this week was…
Another picture not from this week!  Taken at hubby's 40th last year, it reminded me of this morning.  I went into the kids' room to let them know brunch would be ready shortly and to inform Ashley we would go to the library afterwards to retrieve some materials that had arrived on reserve.  As I turned to leave the room Brooke leaned over the rail of her top bunk (where she likes to hang out and play!) and said, in her sweet voice, "Thank you for school this week momma!"  My momentum had me out the door shortly after the words left her lips but I stopped and turned around to return her gratitude with a tender hug and whisper "Thank you, you bless my heart."
Not once, in all the years we have homeschooled, have the kids ever thanked me for teaching them that week.... and this one came after that rough patch we had Wednesday and Thursday! 
What's working/not working for us...
For those who have followed my blog a while, you know that we are a family of 6 equipping and preparing for the next phase in our  missions work.  As we prepare we are staying with my mother-in-law in a quaint 2-bedroom mobile home.  Our children all share a room, 2 bunk beds accommodates them well.  It is also our classroom, and not a very large space.
I don't mind the small space but I am concerned about Brenden who easily falls into bad study habits.  The girls have made their bunk beds to double as desks quite marvelously and Brenden tries to as well but I think his cramped quarters cause him to be distracted and lack the focus needed to not be disruptive and get his work done.  (He has severe dyslexia and I see the symptoms of Audio Processing Delay as well as possibly having a very mild case of Cerebral Palsy).  There is nowhere else in the house that we can do our schoolwork un-interrupted, so you can imagine my heart cries at this time for a suitable alternative to our current situation. 
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
... in helping Brenden focus I am thinking of weekly trips to the library.  While some areas of our favorite building in town can be distracting, it would be space to spread out (instead of sit cramped in) and work at applying skills of focus and homework completion in places other then home (a skill we may need beginning this next fall if God grants us the opportunity to travel with His message)

I am also realizing we have not followed through on our daily schedule to visit the park just a few blocks away.  Perhaps that daily excursion will exert the energy needed and clear the kids' minds to be more focused in their studies during the day :-)  As it was said when I was growing up, "Get out and blow the stink off ya!"
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
In our faith walk, one thing that helps us stay in the center of the path, is surrounding ourselves with all the right things.  Pure movies, pure t.v. shows, pure books and pure music.  There are so many wonderful Christian resources and entertainment materials that a brother or sister in Christ should never be left wanting in good clean entertainment.  The radio station, KLOVE is a great example of good Christian music and... if you listen to it, I will be listening too... and we can share the same experiences even thousands of miles away!  Enjoy :-)

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! He looks like he was havng a great time.

  2. Thank you on his behalf! Yes, it was a surprise party that he almost guessed about! We were suppose to be having Bible study there that night and starting a new series. So he was bummed to not be doing the study but blessed to see so many friends come to celebrate his 40 years :-)