Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #311-325

Counting my miscellany blessings in multitude today...

 - Washing dishes as a guest all alone, me and family, looking up and seeing them through the panes enjoying the serenity of beauty and nature

 - Warn but not without function

 - We collect the beauty, they collect the sweetness... nourishment mind, body and soul

 - It takes time to cultivate beauty but time is worth taking when the beauty can be enjoyed.  I am reminded of this value in our own spirits.

 - God could have created in black and white, but instead he created a palette to please our eyes, and His creation declares His glory

 - The rugged and the brush... who, but a great God could perfect such a balance?

 - Together they (and we) are always better than apart.

 - The fruit of the spirit comes to mind.

 - In season and out of season, we bloom in our own time.  And they shall be known by the fruits they bare.
 - So gentle, so tender, so patient and calm.
- These little boy hands have hurled rocks, swung hammers and hauled wood, yet here they sit patiently holding a delicate lady bug.

- Winding mountain roads and wondering how far they will lead.

- Crying to sleep and waking up renewed
- Oh how he loves me enough to show me His way.

- When the words of my mouth and the meditations of my  heart are in line with His Holiness... the peace that proceeds.

May you be gently blessed in multitude by His magnificent grace this week.


  1. wow your weekend looked so relaxing and beautiful!

  2. Ruthie, Actually, it was last weekend and it was pleasant :-) Thank you! This weekend I spent up to my eyeballs in lesson planning! But this morning, God showed me the need to step back sometimes and take in the simplicity of times like last weekend and not let myself become overwhelmed by all the 'to-dos'. I am grateful for those types of memories and moments... and an opportunity to share them here! Thanks for stopping by!.... Blessings to you!

  3. There is so much beauty all around us! :) It's nice that you got a minute to snatch your camera and share it so we could all appreciate it!

  4. Mrs. Brittany, Honestly, I was thinking of all of you when I took the pictures :-) I often think of my bloggy family and wait on God to show me what I should share with you. Last weekend I just knew I had to share with all of you the wonderful little 'pretties' and ways that God was whispering.
    Thanks for stopping by! God Bless :-)