Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitude on Mondays #266-280

I had to unplug last week. 

Do you ever have those times when life gets so overcomplicated you spin in circles then look up and cry out, "GOD?" 

God heard me do just that and He said, "Unplug, study My Word, and listen."  My heart became putty and my gratefulness was wrapped in humility.

- This song at church on Sunday, inspired and reminded me of what my heart should be praying daily.

- Unpluged, a form of fasting, drawing my heart closer to hear Him.

- Resolution of problems that were becoming giants... now they look like ants on an anthill far away!

- Moments to just be.

-  LIFE with family at the kitchen table, the game lasted 2 insane hours with lots of laughs.

- A home-made zoo at the end of a slip-n-slide.  I know pictures would have been perfect but so in the moment I forgot!

The Measure of a Heart (Women of the West #6)
- Hot day, feet in cool water, Oke book in my lap. This particular one seems to help tremendously on my current journey <3

- Forgiveness of self.

- Being remembered, even if that isn't what is most important.

- Being loved, in spite of myself!

- Friends who know just what to say and just when to say it... because they are there too.

- Prayer warriors.
Nostalgia KPM-508 Old-Fashioned Kettle Popcorn Maker
-  Someone said recently that after a near-death experience, God gave them a message:  You can be replaced by a popcorn machine.  But it isn't it amazing and wonderful to know he wants to use us and not the popcorn machine?  Oh how I pray to be worthy each and every day.

- My 8-year-old still likes to hold my hand <3

- Knowing HIS faith and sacrifice for me was enough when mine always falls short.

Be blessed in multitude today!


  1. Unplug, study my word, and listen. That sounds like something God tells me occasionally. :0)
    Love Oke's books. :0)

  2. Good to hear someone relate to unplugged :-) Oke is the best, great to see a fellow reader of hers!