Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forgiveness of Self

Does it sometimes seem like crossing the bridge of forgiveness produces a view that still looks somewhat similar?  We have just explored why we were hurt, we issue the 'I forgive you' and we choose to let go of the wrong.  But there is still that twinge of pain.

What we often neglect to see as we shuffle over the boards of the bridge we cross to forgive is the residue still in our pack on our back from our reactions, words and even thoughts in the process of the hurt.  We have not realized that forgiveness is two-fold:  Forgiving others and forgiving self. 

You have searched me, LORD,
   and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
   you perceive my thoughts from afar.  
- Psalm 139:1-2

We may not have done anything 'majorly' wrong, it could have been one word out of line (it could have been ten!).  It could be the sheer presence of anger, hate, jealousy or any multitude of thoughts that can become sin because we entertained them through the course of being hurt or unjustified.

The mind is a powerful thing when our thoughts are not tended to properly.  Negative thoughts taken captive and thrown out, right thoughts acknowledged, and all thoughts passed through God for approval or rejection.  He, after all, is the supreme quality inspector in our lives.  Nothing is hidden from his critique and all needs to be acknowledged for his forgiveness or approval.

When we neglect to maintain our thoughts before God's scope we can fall into a dejected and self-condemned state and our souls may grow weary.  We may even reach a point of feeling unforgivable.

But we are never unforgivable, just as we are never outside of God's grace.  Like a child and a parent, we never push our children away no matter how much they may hurt our hearts, we still readily draw them back to us and forgive them their wrongs.  So our Heavenly Father waits for us to lay our heads in His lap, wet his robes with our tears, and submit to His love and forgiveness for our actions, however minor, in the course of others transgressions against us.

As in my article of "You are So Worth It", remember that we are never outside of His grace when we submit to our need for His forgiveness.  If Jesus did so much for us, we can do much more for Him.  Others may hurt us but it isn't until we stop the resulting cycle of hurting and condemning ourselves that true healing and the peace of forgiveness can begin.

Forgive yourself.  After all, God has already forgiven you through Christ, you need only accept His gift each and every day.

May you cross the bridge of forgiveness today and find a new and wonderful view.


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  1. Amanda, I always look forward to your post(s)...This is one of my favorite songs....and this so full of truth!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to forgive myself as well as others. I work really hard on the "others" part but sometimes forget to extend the same grace to myself.

  3. Amen! Thank you so much for this post.

    joy and blessings to you,

  4. Alida, you are very welcome, from God, to me, to you :-)

    Jennifer, I think self-forgiveness is an unfortunate plague in the Christian body. I am blessed to know you could enjoy the message :-)

    Rebecca, I always look forward to your comments :-) It blesses my soul to know the words of God's heart can continually speak to yours.

    Blessings to all you lovely ladies!