Monday, July 18, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #206-230

Simply sharing today a multitude of miscellany gratitude...

- Jazz and Blues in the park this week
- Kids brought to-dos while we listened.  Watching them grows my heart
- With help from a library book, Ashley's art has another growth spurt
- I love how she loves to draw

- Thinking on art, I am reminded of beautiful pictures of farm life.  I know it is a rough life, but it is a life that draws us to His creation.  I can't be there, but I can go there in my dreams and heart.  (Do you think God gives patches of farm in heaven?)

 - She is developing a love of reading.
- I love seeing the pages resting in her lap, her eyes and finger follow the words, soaking up the stories that make us who we are.  This one is about bravery, perseverance and a great rescue.

 - Being a pillow.  Look closely, you see my lap and side.  I love being a pillow while he reads!

 - She wears her hair like mine!  I never told her to... she just does.

 - Where picnic blanket meets grass protection and adventure all in one.

 - Backpacks laying in the grass... time to relax and take a load off.  Adventures with our feet up!

 - Sitting under an umbrella of leaves

 - I always hear, "It's not the journey but who you travel it with."  So true :-)

 - Peaceful setting on the path

 - Hairpin, isn't that so symbolic of our own lives at times?  Much more easily maneuvered with God at our side.

 - It use to be nothing but bog.  Not it is pond and park.  Like our hearts bogged down with sin, Christ grooms us and gives us a place for the Spirit to play and rest... a place much more worth looking in on.

 - He looks on, the baby geese have grown so much this year... big as ducks they are!  The funny thing: my how much he has grown this year!  Shooting out of all the clothes I bring home from storage!  Yet he is still tender enough to stand and wait and watch.

 - Because I do.  And sharing with a dear friend this week reminded me how important this short word is.

 - Broken wing?  He came to us.  So many children these days chase these creatures away.  I am grateful for the soft hearts my children have to reach out and care. 

 - Coming together, the process has not been easy, but we feel the Spirit leading and made some progress this past week working through vision, development and the daunting prospects of 501(c)(3).
 - Words of truth hidden and revealed.

- Heartbreak because it reminds me I'm alive.

- Praying and aligning my will to His.

- Hoping, without hope we just are.

- Peace after letting go.

May you have a simply wonderful week with multitudes of blessings!

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