Monday, July 11, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #181-205

It has been 2 weeks since my last Gratitude/Miscellany check-in (having taken the 4th off).  In two weeks we have celebrated national victories, persevered through challenges, and celebrated personal victories.  To that end, I simply share my multitude in gratitude and musings...

#181, humming this song through the rough patches this week
#182, being confident enough, by the grace of God, to admit I am not strong enough!
#183, resting and knowing He is strong enough!
#184,  God finding me worthy to test and challenge me and grow me for His good.

#185, feeling the words in this song after my week of challenges.  Singing it in church on Sunday, I almost jumped and shouted!  
#186,  I am loved by the king!
#187, my heart jumping, flipping, and wanting to sing for HIM
#188, passing the 'test' for a change!  (Praying I can continue to have success through the strength of Christ and the Holy Spirit in me)
#189, being able to sing in the trouble times

#190, speaking of singing, some family members think I can't sing.  They may be right but I don't care... and that is the beauty of it!  I know my noise is joyful unto the Lord ;-)  Most days my children appreciate me for that!

Since my last multitude Monday I also noticed these marvelous 'snapshots'...

#191, creativity, in the lines and out, is beautiful

 #192, tea parties are elegant no matter what you wear!

 #193, simple beauty

#194, turning 13
#195, a crowd singing off key ;-)
#196, that the numbers in our family can constitute a 'crowd'! (and discounted group rates at the pool!)

 #197, Old cars

#198, When someone can come out on a hot day and dress like it is a cool day all for the sake of celebration and history!

#199, Jesus rescues when it feels like our lives are on fire

 #200, white chairs on green lawns

 #201, warm fires on cool nights (especially when tended by my hubby!)

 #202, sparks raised high

#203, friends old and new (and, yes, I know this picture is blurry... it would have been better if I were a better photographer!)

#204, food, fun, and fireworks... the 4th was more fun then I hoped this year, so blessed to have gone!

#205, Old Glory and the freedom she represents

May you have a simply wonderful week with multitudes of blessings!

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  1. What a beautiful well made list.
    The town parade... the tea party.
    just lovely.

  2. It is simple things like tea parties and white chairs that can make a day special.

  3. Thank you ladies :-) I am so blessed you agree!