Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitude on Mondays #231-265

Simply sharing today a multitude of miscellany gratitude...

- First and most is my gratitude to Henry Cate at the launch pad for Carnival of Homeschooling... his advice brought me back from Error Land!  I couldn't post from about Thursday on last week because of Blog errors and problems... he pointed me in the right direction and I AM BACK!  Thank you Henry.

- I missed being here, but I believe God used the time to give me some unplanned R&R (Something I had been praying for... funny how prayers get answered sometimes!)

- Starting in on lesson plans (How will I contain myself until August 29th?  I love lesson plans!

 - No matter where we are, my kids can find fun and enjoy each other! 

 - A church committed to a plan.

 - Hot days and cold glacier water!

 - Jesus is our life-preserver... I'm so grateful my kids are saved from the inside out!

- He looks tough, but he is all soft and gooey on the inside ;-)
- Sitting on the hill with my hunny, watching the kids play and talking about hopes and dreams and plans.

 - Nuthin' like studying on a beach towel sitting in the sun!

 - Snack time at the beach, usually a messy affair (I know the wild life loves us for it later!)

 - There is something about a wet raft, water drops, beach towels and summer sun.

 - Did I mention beach towel?  When I was young I use to lay on the soft sun kissed material spread over a bed of grass or sand and dream of a future just like this one :-)

 - The BEST picture of the summer this past week!  It was good to see them laugh and have fun in a water fight... years past tears would have ensued after such a shot!
- Laughs and screams of joy, water splashing, sounds of summer and youthfulness will never fade in the vessels of my memory.

 - A Japanese Puppet show forgotten but not missed.  Exposing the kids to art in its many forms blesses our souls and minds.
- Even Ashley, at the 'old' age of 13 wanted to go and watched intently. 
- Youthfulness holding on

- Invited to be part of an impromptu ceremony. 
- An old friend gone through so much heartache, to finally find true love and happiness... yes, I cried.

- I may not have my garden this year, but what a blessing to watch someone else's grow!
- She is still small enough to be outgrown by a tomato plant (she will always be my baby girl!)
     P.S. She and the plant are wearing matching colors ;-)

- It was a stare down, makes me giggle, gonna miss that boy after graduation, so will his siblings
- The silly ways they entertain each other while waiting.

- After trouble and strife and a near death experience, a family comes to Jesus and takes the plunge.
- Being there through it all and knowing what this truly means to each one... yes, I cried again.

- Holding hands and heading in.  Stage 4 cancer threatens one.  I watch and wonder if this is the time for her to be outwardly cleansed before she ascends.

 - The prayer afterward reminds me of a year before when my husband and children did the same.  Our journey until and the adventures ever since.  My heart prays they will know mighty miracles in their 'new life'.

 - My favorite little Indian boy always a part of our lives.  His name should mean 'joy'.
- Knowing my children are always anchored when good God-filled friends are around.

 - My 'little' boy graduates next June.  Seeing this picture Ashley took, he looks like the sweet 7 year old I remember... not the 17 year old ready to move on!
- I couldn't sit on the beach this day, but knowing they had each other to look out for and hang out with.  I was thankful for their time to just be blessed!

- Something about her makes my heart smile

- Oldest to youngest, and they still run and play.  I wonder; when he is home from college, will he still have that youthfulness about him when his brother and sisters are around?  I feel blessed that he does as a Senior... most won't give the time of day!

- Psalm 27 today, it helped the healing process in my heart.

Be blessed in multitude this week! 

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