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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Mother's Homeschool Journal #10


In my life this week… 
... summer fun, stained two white shirts with chocolate frosting, picnic in the park, story time repeat, met with IRS to begin non-profit process, and one of my darling daughters turned 13... making that TWO teenagers in our house now!  (prayers welcomed!)

 Home-made slip and slide, summer fun with cousins!

 Summertime is so sweet!

 Picnic in the Park started this week.  Listening to live music while having lunch on the lawn of a beautiful downtown park... lovely!

 My mother-in-law had a tea party with the kids this week!  Her and I served them... it was fun for all of us!
We went swimming for Ashley's birthday and then Zach, our oldest, took her to her first PG-13 movie in the movie theater (Transformers 3)!  She had a lot of fun!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… 
Lakeside for potluck Sunday at church this week!  It will be nice to see our friends again.  Our favorite missions family stationed in Ukraine is home for the summer... can't wait to see them all!  

Monday we are looking forward to parade, ice-cream social at a local museum/mansion, then back to Lakeside for cook out and fireworks with old friends!

Tuesday, story time and Wednesday, Picnic in the Park again...

My favorite thing this week was…
Assembling a special book for Ashley's big day...
 I continued so we might add a picture and tid-bit when she turns 14 and 15....
 ... 16 and 17...
 ... and (gulp) 18!
By the way... she loved it!
Things I’m working on…
Paperwork (just a few pages... hahaha) for the IRS to apply for tax-exemption.  Also hoping and praying to finish Philemon next week!  Grocery list and menu will be actively dealt with as well with beginning of the month shopping and bill paying at hand.
I’m reading…
I never seem to have enough time to finish How To Read a Book, but I have high hopes that I can get it done... this month!  I have other books in waiting :-) 
I’m praying for…
Inner peace to ride out the turmoil and not succumb to moodiness and our whole non-profit process.  Also praying fervently for a few of my friends who are facing very difficult situations right now.

Questions/thoughts I have… 
I was praying last week for clarity with my blog.  I love sharing inspirational messages here, but I also put up alot of inspirational material at KOG.  There are differences and similarities... I felt God giving me a peace about splitting the two.  As of this week, I am typing mostly inspirational Monday - Wednesday here and then more direct homeschool application and experiences on Thursday and Friday, then this wonderful meme on Saturday :-)  I hope my regular followers will enjoy this switch-up.  I have wanted to share more about our schooling and look forward to typing up and putting out some of our experiences in hopes of inspiring and encouraging!  (Bible-based inspirational blogs can still be found at the KOG site Monday thru Friday)
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
How sweet are your words to my taste,    sweeter than honey to my mouth! - Psalm 119:103
God Bless you as summer blazes on!


  1. What a sweet keepsake you made your daughter for her 13th! What a special gift!

  2. Amanda, I love it that your daughter got to see her first pg-13 movie in the movie when she turned...13! I think it makes these rights of passages special for our kids when we allow them to be rights of passage and not make them come to early. besides if they do everything from pg or r movies to ear piercing by time they are ten then what do they have to look forward to? Love the gift too! (I'm a big scrapbooker). and i love owls so you can imagine the oohs and ahhs that were coming from my pc tables as i saw all the pictures of that cake! stopping by from HMJ.

  3. Katie,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the birthday post! I agree about rights of passage. I think life should be celebrated and special moments held up in personal and reverential ways. People like to feel special and have special moments. You are right in that condensing all these things into the pre-teen stages, leaves nothing for the later years (or the rest of life) nor does it teach them the rewards of waiting!