Tuesday, July 5, 2011

M is for Moments

Life is full of moments.  No matter how old or young you are, MOMENTS are what compile and make us who we are.

Moments are reflections, they are present, and they build our future.  They should not be taken for granted.

Moments are fleeting.  They are not disposable or refundable.  They can not be rewound or returned.

Moments are.

They are meant to be treasured, remembered, looked forward to, and (most of all) moments are meant to be lived in not trudged through.

Moments accumulate to experience.  Good moments are enjoyed and bad moments are learned from.  Sad moments soften a heart and build our tenderness and resolve.  Moments are priceless.

Moments should not be feared but are meant to be revered.  Moments are all we have.

It is the great value of moments that make them the greatest part (in this mom's mind) of homeschooling.

It is in the moments of each day that we learn how to treasure our children.  It is in the moments that we teach and lead and guide them to becoming great and marvelous beings.  It is in the moments that our eyes open and we SEE who our children are and who they are becoming. 

It is in the moments of each day that our children look to us to show them the value of these moments.  To react to spilled milk and splattered paint with love and guidance.  They seek us to show them not just how to work the hard math problems, but how to maneuver the hard life problems with just as much calculation and patience.  It is in the moments that their eyes are open wide to SEE us and who we are because who we are is who they look to become. 

Seize the moments.  Live each one before and with your children for the valuable, un-repeatable, amazing segment of life they are!

God Bless,


  1. Since we have been homeschooling it's been so much easier to savor the moments. Life isn't so rushed and it's wonderful!

  2. What a beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder to treasure each and every moment of our life.

  3. Joelle, Thank you :-)

    Musicalmary, I agree! It is one of many motivators when I wonder if homeschooling is right for us... I think of how wonderful it is to have so many great moments with my kids that I wouldn't have otherwise!

    Bless you both!

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful post! So many moments are wasted, or ignored, or trudged through and promptly forgotten. =( It's too easy to let the squeaky well of the moment (the dishes, the laundry, the dinner) steal the limelight, but I need to remember that our kids, our family, our moments together are so much more important the the *stuff* that steals my attention. Thank you.

  5. amber, you are very welcome. I know I need to remind myself regularly to be in the moment :-)