Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leaving it On the Alter

I have a problem lately.  Actually, it is an old problem I thought I had under wraps... laid on that alter long ago and entrusted to Him who covers all.

A friend use to say, "The problem with a living sacrifice is that it always wants to crawl back off the alter."  Accept I thought this sacrifice was dead.

My sacrifice:  reaction.  It is what I choose to say, do, and think when encountered by.... anything that rubs me wrong!  I have theories why my reaction factor is back, but theories mean nothing if I don't stick it back up there on the alter.

A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.  - Proverbs 29:11

I am reminded often now of Proverbs 29.  Time and experience has proven the folly of  misplaced reactions.  I know it starts with perception which then moves forward to the junk we allow to accumulate in our being based on our perceptions... the rest is down hill from there.

Why can't I be more like Christ?  Why can't I a) not stash mis-perceptions and b) react at all times with love?  One word:  humility.

I have learned that some things need to be dealt with, but most things need not be worried about, speculated about, talked about, or harbored.  I need to be humble enough to recognize 99.9% of stuff that goes on in life... really isn't about me!  And if it isn't about me, it isn't worth my reaction in the negative!

I'm not talking about lack of compassion, love, helpfulness, or anything else that amounts to the attributes of Christ.  We should always react to those that need our help, prayer, and compassion.  I'm referring to the things that insight that yucky, sticky, bogged down feeling deep inside because someone says or does something that goes against our own notions.  All the stuff that causes us to react negatively or regretfully.

How hard is it to humble ourselves and say nothing or say the right thing with love when we ache to rattle off opinion (not always with love!)?!  How hard is it to apologize, when we don't feel wrong, and to act with love when all we feel is disdain. 

It is very hard.  All that stuff has made it so.

But it can be easier when we realize we don't decide to make the right choices bin reaction to appease ourselves.  We don't even do it for someone else.  No, we humble ourselves, clear our mind, stuff our tongue and lay it all on the alter for Jesus.  After all, he laid it all down for us. 

When we give up ourselves for the One who truly matters and all the principles He implored, we keep our eyes focused on him and we are able to walk through a battlefield with joy in our hearts.  We are able to react with love and honor and reflect the true image of Christ.  But it starts with that slice of humility.

I'm tiered of reacting with the negative.  I humbly admit my focus has been left of the mark.  I am going to seek God, present to His alter, and maintain my focus as I walk through that battlefield!  I pray, if you find yourself in the same place today, that you can join me in humbly lifting ourselves to the Lord.  Let His Spirit rein, not my reactions!

And Jesus looking upon them said to them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.  - Matthew 19:26 (ESV)

God Bless!

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  1. This is a powerful post and a great reminder to me that I, too, have crawled off the altar and need to be sure that I am allowing His Spirit to live through me. When I am, I don't have nearly as many problems with reactions!

    Thank you!

  2. Jennifer, You are very welcome. I am grateful God could use my words to encourage you today :-)