Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knowing the Needs of Now

They say that kNowing is half the battle... I definitely think it is a start. 

In homeschooling NO day is consistent... ok, some are... but most aren't.  It is like the Moments... it is being in the Now.

Right now I find myself teetering to keep up.  All that I want to do and half of what I can't.  Almost missing the ABC's post today is one thing... I am doing it, but only half as well as I would like, because kNowing right Now I Need to share my dilemma... I Need your prayers.

We are applying for our 501(c)(3).  As part of the process we are refining our "Vision" statement and working through other processes and documentation to be "official". 

It isn't easy.

It would be, accept I am one of those crazy homeschooling moms that likes to spend time with my kids.  (I bet you are one too!).  It is summer, I want to visit the beach once in a while, go to the park, enjoy the library, and actually do our Summer of Science projects regularly.  I want to explore with my family, before they are too old to explore with.

Like Moments, you can't replace the NOW!

I am also crazy because I like paperwork and reading books that give me direction.  I like thinking and dreaming and writing about it all. 

I really am crazy like that.

But there is never enough time in the day.

So today I checked out a pile of books while the kids listened to story time and did crafts at the library.  I felt the only cure for my intensed heart was The Moffats, The Penderwicks, Mr. Popper's Penguins and some Avi.  I may even read some Oke on my own.  Her stories always remind me that now will pass.  Tomorrow comes so quickly.  But can we do it in a month? 


If I treasure the now.  If I kNow and remember that carefully laid plans, plenty of prayer, and arming for half the battle will help alleviate stress.  I can do all things through Christ.  And if certain things take longer... that is ok.  As long as I live out the NOW and kNow that what can't be done through Christ, isn't worth doing right now after all.

May you feel His peace and presence and guidance right Now.  May you kNow how to live in the Now and cherish the moments.  That is all we have for certain, and what a blessing it is!

If you are interested in helping us during this process by contributing articles to our KOG Missions website, please visit our posting guidelines!

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