Friday, July 1, 2011

Adventures and Explorations: 1st Edition

I am looking forward to a fun banner... eventually... like the neat one my hubby made me for Summer of Science.  Unlike S.o.S, though, I pray "Adventures and Explorations" can become a weekly article year round... maybe even a link up (what do you think?).

Adventures and Explorations was first thought of as Field Trip Friday!  But not every week produces a full-on field trip.  Some weeks it is simply adventure and/or exploring.  (Loosely known as a field trip!).  The title of this article was inspired by this book:
How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum
"How to be an explorer of the world; portable art life museum" by Keri Smith has found its way into our summer curriculum wonderings!  It fits so perfectly in with our science curriculum exploration, it had to be a God thing that it all fell into place at once!

How to be an Explorer challenges the reader to not merely read.... but DO and explore and observe.  To not take anything for granted and find the interesting in the obvious and mundane. 

After a lively introduction, Keri takes her readers on a self-guided adventure through various "Explorations".  59 suggestions abound in this write-in and rough-it-up book.  All of the adventures challenge the senses and create intrigue and excitement in unexpected ways/places.

This is where I begin my first "Adventures and Explorations" article... chronicling our adventures from Keri Smith's book through our summer.

Our 1st "Exploration" was sitting right where we were and observing 10 things we had not noticed when we first sat down.  The kids had a blast with this and it was as if a key had unlocked a compartment in their brain as they took this broadened understanding of detail and awareness into the rest of their day and week!

Handy for our 3rd "Exploration":  Light.  We were to collect objects based on their ability to (or not to) reflect light.  On our walk to the library last Tuesday we performed this exploration with astounding results.  I couldn't believe some of the things the kids noticed!  We were told to find 30 and we collected using our camera:

We actually had much more then 30 but this collage gives you an idea! 

Walking home by way of the abandoned railroad tracks I challenged the kids with lesson #1 again, only scaled down.... 'find 5 things you haven't noticed on your walks before because we are taking a different route'.  They quickly rose to my request and thought of much more than 5.
I love exploring in this fashion.  It makes our walks much more exciting and adventurous and I don't hear complaining so much now when I announce we are headed to the library or store on foot!

By the way... Keri instructs her 'explorers' to respond to queries of our doings with, "We are conducting research."  We actually had a woman ask us on our "Light" walk if we were on a nature hike and the kids and I responded, "No, we are conducting research".  She was very impressed!

May you have wonderful adventures as you and your children explore the world around this week!

God Bless!

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