Friday, June 24, 2011

Photo Meme Friday: L

 L is for Looking on Lake

This snap shot was taken almost a year ago when my husband and children were baptized (or bath-tized as the children call it!).  This is our dear friend, missionary, minister, Victor.  He is from Mozambique and he is a little man with a huge heart.  We had a preacher or missionary per family member in the water and he is the one who baptized Brooke.

This shot captures Victor with the lake in the background, listening as I gave my testimony.  It reminds me, though, of a thoughtful man, looking to the future and the Hope of Christ's renewal. 

Victor is now back in Mozambique with his darling wife and children, working on his ministry to the Muslims in the bush of Africa.  They are all in our prayers daily.

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