Friday, June 24, 2011

The Mother's Homeschool Journal #9


In my life this week… 
...started with some heartache over a misunderstanding between my oldest and my husband.  As of today, it is mostly worked out, but it has caused many sleepless nights and tiered eyes on my part!  (Why can't they stay sweet and little forever?)
The heartache did affect other things as well... like my studies for SBS.  My celebrations and hardships inspired a new site, In His Word, where I can chronicle my trials and tribulations through my studies.  My hope and prayer is to inspire and encourage others in a dedicated study of the scriptures.

Aside from all the mushy stuff, we have had much homeschool/summer school/break success and fun this week :-)  Library time was better than I hoped.  I had feared it would be just little kids books and my kids would be bored because they are older.  Howerver, they split the big and little kids up and read a wonderful chapter book about a boy in Africa.  The crafts were challenging and fun as well!  The kids had a blast!  
I could write paragraph upon paragraph of our week, but instead I will share a few pictures.  First, I must share a special perspective we had through this week because of the book, "How To Be An Explorer Of the World" by Keri Smith.  She has a lot of fun books for parents and kids to share!

I would like to write an article later with greater focus on this book and how we are using it for adventure and fun this summer.  For now I can tell you, if you ask my children what they are doing.... they are suppose to say, "I am conducting research"!  And our senses were heightened in this context...

Not part of the adventure series... or was it?  Kids room clean, check!  The 17 year old's bed was disgusting!  Teenage boys... ugh!  I'm almost embarrassed of the before shots, but don't they reflect a great after?
Dad's day was delicious!
 The room clean allowed for a new cork-board area and place to keep track of reading time and to-do lists!

Honeysuckles wrapped around a tree (good eye Brooke!) and me and hubby being silly with shadows while on a walk!  (Looks like a 2-headed lady with a ball gown on... I have chuckled all week from this!)


 1st day of summer bike wash... always fun!

 I was TIRED!!  (haha) ... Because that same day of the library walk, railroad tracks, bike wash, and summer fiesta.... hubby and I cleaned out the storage area outside and made the deck look all pretty for my mom-in-law :-)

 Nothin' says "1st day of summer" like kabobs and grilled corn on the cob!  Only regret, not getting pictures of the yummy dessert slushy Ashley helped me make!

Summer means time to get rid of the mop on Brenden's head!  Outside leaves less of a trace than inside hair flying everywhere!  Look at that handsome face revealed!

YWAM SBS Graduation (the graduates above), marvelous and kicked off with wonderful worship... we felt blessed to be a part of it all!
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… 
Summer 1999, Ashley was 1 and Zach was 5
My oldest sweet little girl turns 13 next week!!!  Be still my heart ;)  Making plans for something extravagant but cheap!  Thankfully she has a simple heart; her greatest wish is to go to Murdoch's (a ranch supply store here) and buy a horse (the plastic variety) with her birthday money (she already knows about coming from her grandma!).

Otherwise, our usual boring selves!  Library story time, adventures and investigations, and finally the start of Picnic in the Park (I was wrong last week!)  Bus rides are out for now.  One of the drivers says I have to pay for Ashley to ride too... which makes it $4 round trip anywhere (I can go for less in gas).  Not the rule I was originally told :-( 

My favorite thing this week was…
Totally a favorite:  massive thunder storm that lasted for maybe 10 minutes!  Storms like this are not that common here and it was wonderful, refreshing, and noisy!  Better than a fireworks display!  (However, I'm sorry to those of you who wish these noisy storms would go away, my heart goes out to Tornado ravaged areas)
Things I’m working on…
 Sorting through what science goodies I have and determining what and how much of it to use for our summer of science.
Today I also need to call the IRS (fun, I know!) and talk to them about our 501c3 (did I say that right?) which will mean paperwork over the next few weeks to apply for non-profit status.

This week... shhhhh, don't tell Ashley, but I want to put together a little booklet of 13 tips and encouragements for her teenage years!  I brought some of my scrapbooking stuff out of storage and expect evenings for the next 5 days to be consumed by that :-)

I also hope to FINALLY get into the store room we use at the house here and clean it out... I am dreading the job because it will likely take ALL day+

... and I still need to go through the reading curriculum box and pick Brenden's reading books for next year so I can pack away the rest!
I’m reading…
How to Read the Bible for All Its WorthStill working on my e-SBS study documents online.  Reading Philemon a bunch more times!  And praying, God willing, to finish "How to Read a Book"

The kids and I still need to start the Bastable Children!  We did read various library picture books.  I am seeing a need to wind my mind down before bed and am thinking of either reading or finding what story books the kids will be reading this next year and reading them ahead.

I’m praying for…
... peace in rough seas, provision, and revelation.  My husband and I feel we are standing on the doorstep before an unlocked door but we can't figure out how to open it!  Clarity is needed with the revelation we seek.

Questions/thoughts I have… 
I am prayerfully contemplating my content on both websites right now.  Here at THS, I love all the memes I am part of, but considering some different directions one or two days a week to broaden the spectrum I write about. 
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Summer is here....

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.   - John 1:4

Ok, so I know this is a bug zapper which actually takes life and doesn't give it... but it culminated our study of light this week and our study of light, reminded me of numerous scriptures including John 1!

I pray your summer weeks are blessed with wonderful memories!


  1. I'm with you on seventeen-year-olds and their rooms. Have to sometimes just roll up the sleeves and get in there with them to help them 'see' the clutter. We had to do that last week as well.

  2. Six, Yes, and he told me is ready to start keeping things clean and organized.... it has been a week and guess what? Yeah, he is still a teenage BOY! lol ;-)