Tuesday, June 14, 2011

J is for Juggling


As I pondered "J" the first thing that came to mind was Jesus, but I knew it was more than that.  Don't think I am demeaning Christ, because I am not.  My thoughts are to expand Him.

My second pondering produced "Juggling".  I know most days that is what I feel like I do.  I juggle.  Our daily schedule is somewhat delicate and if it is not maneuvered and juggled into just the right place, nothing seems to go right.

From the time we wake up, to when we begin morning Bible study and academics... to when we break for lunch and begin afternoon activities.  If dinner time, family time, and bedtime routines don't fall into place... the very next morning will be all thrown off.

Yes, Juggling.

But this is where the image of Jesus is expanded.  Because whether we keep all our balls in the air in a perfect cadence or drop one, or two (or all) of them.... having the force of Jesus at the center of all those balls is key.

On task, Jesus glides us through, swiftly catching and tossing the next ball.  He guides our hands, steadies our balance, and directs the balls as they fly through the air to land where they ought to be.

Those days when our juggling skills are wobbly and we find ourselves placing our hands in all the wrong places, tossing the balls too hard or too soft, and watching as one ball after another bounces to the floor... Jesus is there.  He is at the center still and he brings us peace, he guides us through our frungeries, and he delivers us on the other side wiser and better for the next days juggling.

It may take time to learn how to juggle.  We may suddenly have extra balls thrown in to toss and move through the air, but learning to juggle is essential and having Jesus at the center of it all is critical to our success.

May you have swift juggling hands this week!

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  1. YES - Juggling - no better way to put that !!

  2. LOL... I thought first of 'juggling' and then decided to write about 'Jesus'. Funny how minds work!

    I love your image of Jesus being right there with us, steadying us through all we do. Thank you!


  3. I love this!!
    "But this is where the image of Jesus is expanded. Because whether we keep all our balls in the air in a perfect cadence or drop one, or two (or all) of them.... having the force of Jesus at the center of all those balls is key."

    Keeping those balls in the air in the right order really is a skill that homeschool moms have to perfect... juggling everything we need to do is key, and with Jesus at the center, he is the centrifugal force that makes everything else go around the way it needs to. Awesome J post!

  4. Stef, Thanks! I knew homeschool moms would be able to relate!

    Heidi, you are very welcome :-) Your Jesus post was lovely :-)

  5. Dawn, Thank you! It seemed so appropriate because the recent debate in our house has been laundry! Actually, it isn't our house, which adds to the dilemma... when and how often to wash for 6 of us. If I don't do it at just the right time my whole day (and the cleanliness of our threads) is all off... and it is that way with many other details in the day, as I am sure you are aware! Living here has shown me that I need to turn to Jesus for peace in the midst of the mess and guidance in making each day work... Juggling those balls in the right order, at the right time, to get great results! I'm grateful you enjoyed the post! God is amazing :-)

  6. Yep! Juggling is a daily chore! Without Jesus to catch the ball when we drop it, we're just lost!

  7. Thank you for stopping by Naomi. I knew moms everywhere would relate! :-) So glad we can all be in the circus together for tips, encouragement, and support to know Jesus is at the center!

  8. So true!! Juggling describes the feeling perfectly. So many balls in the air. And when I try to do it more myself and less through Jesus, I tend to drop more (or usually all) of the balls than I do the other way around. =)

  9. Amber, You put it so well! Thanks for visiting!

  10. I saw your "J" word, juggling, and I could relate. I love how you described it. Yes, we need Jesus to help us in our juggling, gently guiding us daily. I, too, have so many balls in the air. It is a constant struggle to balance all that I need to do, and I fail frequently. It is then that I have to take it back to Jesus and let Him help me re-learn to juggle what I need to! :)

  11. Michelle, Thank you. It is hard sometimes, when we are so busy tossing the balls, to remember that Jesus is at the center. If we focus on Him and not the balls flying through the air, everything just falls in place :-) I pray He guides you daily!