Thursday, June 23, 2011

Direct Your Attention

I have been struggling with a problem with one of my children this week.  You know how it is, the one you didn't think you would struggle with!  Just when I thought I had regained my peace and maybe things were getting better... they took a turn and all over again, I felt like my heart could bust into pieces.

I lifted it all up to God before bed, I have lost sleep all week because of this, I desperately needed the winks.

I woke and felt somewhat better, but still, there is this dull ache where my heart use to feel full and whole.

Then, my blessed mother-in-law caught me off guard.  Her soft brown eyes staring deeply into my hazel ones she told me tenderly but insistently, "You have to focus on yourself..."

The Spirit spoke to me instantly about the truth in that statement.  She wasn't saying to be self centered.  No, this statement came in the middle of a spiritual discussion and I realized God was using her to remind me... HE comes first.  His love in me, my hope in Him, my peace to do His work... it all starts there.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  - Philippians 4:13

I can not make my child's choices... he must make them himself.  I can, however, pray for him and I can find my rest and strength in the Lord.  I have responded to God's leading in raising my children, now I must trust in God's response to how and where my children go from there!

It isn't always easy, but I will take God's peace over man's worry any day.  I will direct my attention to HIM instead of my worries.  After all, nothing belongs to us... it is all HIS in the end.

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