Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Counts

When I was in high school I was always excited when I had a teacher who said, “I don’t like to give homework because I don’t want to grade it!” 

Now I am an educator and I find myself feeling the same way!  Except, I know it is the best way to reinforce certain skills and check their abilities.  Math and writing just aren’t the same without the work to show you know your stuff.

As my grading pile taunts and bedtime calls, I think of those high school teachers of long ago… they were often grading 20-30 papers, from my class alone!  What about the other 7 periods of the day?  My creative writing teacher suddenly has my admiration.  My Honors English Literature instructor, who required an essay almost every week, now holds my respect!  

I think on them and their classes and I am suddenly revamped into grateful for the papers before me to grade.  I am blessed that I only have 3 sets to go through with my red pen.  I am thankful to know right away if my students are struggling.  I am encouraged to sit with them and walk through mistakes, re-explain directly, and spur them on to retry and do better.  All things they or I could not do in any other setting.

I do this often.  When homeschool days are met with challenges, when I feel like my teaching isn’t enough, or I just feel like it is too much.  I stop and think, like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, counting my blessings.  A comparative analysis of what we would have and what we do have and how God works in it all to bring us through each day.

I pray you may think on your hope and blessings today!

God Bless,

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