Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Resurrection in Spring

 We went to the park yesterday.  Beautiful spring-time sun burst forth, drenching every part of the valley.  Majestic mountains springing up with white tops reflected bright.  The park called and the children heard it... so we went.

We parked and disembarked.  A bag of sidewalk chalk in hand, book and camera ready to relax.  A mother lay in the grass with her toddler.  They were blowing bubbles and watching them slowly drift.  How simple and lovely.

We strode to the pavement path that would wind to the swing sets and slides.  Spying the pond and geese and ducks right beside it all.  Then something more caught my eye.


Good'ay lovely green leaves.  It is so nice to see you woke up at last.

It is like magic, a pure marvel every spring.  We watch the buds begin to form on the branches.  We wait, and wait, nearly holding our breath knowing at any moment their fresh beauty will burst forth.  Then one day, we go to sleep.  We wake up and there they are... just... like... that!

I couldn't help but snap shot after shot of their simple splendor.  The miracle that returns each year.  A sign of God's perfect balance.

The children did not draw, they barely even played on the swings and slides.  They climbed!  A tree is a home, a hammock, a place to perch and feel taller than life.  A tree breathes out and a child breathes in, the two beautifully folded together.  Fun and function.

Like all good and lovely things, our time drew and we had to leave.  Speaking of wooden spires and skinned knees, we strode to the car... and it caught my eye.

Infant leaves pointed sky-ward on a field skirted tree.  Lifting soft arms to the Father who loves them, who created them.  Like everything born new, their simple innocence spoke volumes.  In this season between Resurrection and Ascension, I saw the Christ who died and was brought to life again.  Rising from a tomb of darkness, born clean as the snow like our sins buried and our hope risen again.  I saw nature, the cathedral... the leaves, creation lifting it's hands in praise.

Is it any wonder that our hearts may sore when standing in the center of God's creation?  Not just passing un-noticing, instead slowing, marveling, and appreciating what He too time to create for us, through His love, so we might see and know He exists.

May you take time to glide softly through Creation's cathedral and see God's simple Plan in nature's perfection this spring.

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, - Romans 1:20

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