Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Meme Friday: H

Do you Hoopla?  We do.  At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I can say the kids LOVED Twister so when we got Hoopla for Christmas this past year.... they loved it even more!

H is for Hoopla
Hoopla is by the Twister people and runs on that same premise.  You can play it like Twister by putting the hoops on the ground and placing hands or feet on them as they are spun.  You can grab and toss them onto appendages, race with them on body parts, even put them on each appendage and twist into each other as you have to 'Right hand red' grabbing at your neighbor's red hoop around his ankle with your right hand while YOUR other neighbor grabs at your red hoop on your flailing wrist with his right hand.... yeah, it is Twister!

Our favorite is the races.  I have some pictures of those scattered around my blog from the last two weeks.  Hoopla would be a great game to take camping, picnicing and family reunioning!  And, no, I am not doing a review or being paid to say all this... it is just that cool!  I had to pass it on!

God Bless you this Memorial Day weekend!


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