Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo Meme Friday: F

I know it isn't Friday!  But this should have been up yesterday! I admit I am not being original, but these F for Flowers were lovely.  I saw them last year while at a women's retreat. 

It was April and, here in Montana, a lot of flowers are not yet in bloom at that time.  I was walking during some down time and came to a hill top where these petaled beauties were peppered everywhere along with some lovely little yellow ones. 

As I explored I learned there was a stone encircled, 60 year old grave on that hill top belonging to a small child.  It was as if God was placing flowers for this little child. 

I was moved, it was breathtaking, and I am amazed by the detail God provides for our enjoyment!

May you see God in the details of your life this weekend!

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