Monday, May 23, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #71-80

Counting Miscellany blessings and considering gratitude in Multitude on Monday....
Lake Retreat Edition!

71.  I am so grateful to God for calling me to a weekend away and much needed rest and peace... in such a lovely place!

72.  For God's perfect orchestration of a warm and cozy place to stay, instead of the rustic, in the cold, roughing it cabins I was looking at by Glacier Park!  There is a wonderful story about this cabin and I recorded a video for you with narration... but it isn't uploading :-(   

73.  Delicate purples beside a path of rock and dirt and pine.

74.  Big hearts and generous hospitality of good Christian people who put concern for people above concern for a bottom line.

75.  The slightly flooded lake kept me pushed back to the grass line when I went for walks.  I would have stuck with rocky shores and missed such a tender green picture had the lake been at normal level.

76.  Coffee (and breakfast, and lunch, and dinner!) on the deck, among nature.  NO sounds except the breeze, the birds, the buzzing of bees and the water when fish would jump and birds would dive!  Serenity.

77.  Forecast:  cloudy and rainy.  Prayer:  blue sky and sunny.  Prayer won out!  Thank you Lord!  The amazing thing?  It started to cloud up as I packed to go and the rain fell when my tires hit the highway home!  God is so amazing!

78.  Isn't it interesting that the only planet to sustain life able to appreciate beauty holds such amazing sites?  To look out and wonder where, exactly, does land meet water... I have to think, God created all this for me (and you!).  Praise be to Him.

79.  A place for reflection, to sit and write and be and breathe (and read a little too!) perched on the side of a hill with all the great views of above.  Perfect.

80.  On my last morning I was studying my Bible and stumbled across this artist.  As I looked at some of her music, I found this song.  I can't think of a better message of gratitude then this!

Retreats and time away are not always easy to obtain.  It took more than a year for me to be blessed with one (and it took many years before that!).  However, retreats away are not the only way to find peace and rest in God.  Walks through peaceful surroundings, a corner in your home, or alone in your car at a woodland park can be perfect retreats for your soul.  Thank God for the little things and the little ways he reveals himself, not just in creation, but in your life every day.

I pray, wherever you are and wherever you go this week, you are able to find the peaceful places in God's creation around you.  

May God Bless you in multitude this week!

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