Monday, May 16, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #61-70

Counting Miscellany blessings and considering gratitude in Multitude on Monday.... Spring is here to stay edition!

61.  It felt like early Montana summer this past week.  Warm, sunny, kids begging to play in the sprinkler!  Trying to explain that 70 isn't 80 even if it feels like it.... I remember those days when I  nagged my mom to let me play in the water when it really wasn't quite warm enough yet!

62.  It may not have been swimming weather... but it was lovely rainbow catching weather!  Holding rainbows in hands is definitely a blessing to praise God for!  How marvelous :-)

63.  The leaves have officially made their entrance.  The front bushes are teaming with them!  Praise God for LIFE!

64.  Observing Life through the lense of my camera, I am eternally grateful for the beauty and tranquility of our local park and pond.

65.  Homework from a porch swing with t.v. trays sporting hammocks for studious stuffed animals!

66.  Hail making 'music' on the tin roof today.

67.  Eager workers pushing mowers... joyfully because they were asked to and they love to help!

68.  Sitting on the porch swing with my sweetheart, talking about dreams as if we were just dating and sharing our hopes for the future.... oh sweet Sunday!

69.  A mid-week family game night was a special treat for us all.  Kids played, mom officiated and dad snapped pictures!  Twister Hoopla could be quite competitive!  It was a blessing to see, from 8 to almost 17, we can still all have a great time playing together!

70.  I am so thankful that my oldest, who is my most competitive child, is still willing to humble himself.  He proposed on "Go" to run backwards while the others ran forward, hoops on back, to the finish line!  And wouldn't you know it, he tripped half way there!  (*wink*wink*)

May God Bless you in multitude this week!

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