Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays #51-60

I'm up and posting early today!  Actually, I'm not up, I am down.  Crazy flu-like symptoms, I am thankful for a laptop computer (#51) so that I might be more portable and productive, but not so crazy to be missing out on a Monday bus ride with my favorite driver :(  Everything for a purpose, I know!

Last week was rough, it was a battle, it was difficult and I couldn't see it until week's end.  God called to me to spend time with Him last weekend.  He had a message for me... but I insisted my busy schedule was more than my ability for free time.

#52.  God calls, we do not answer, but he keeps calling

He warned that if I did not respond, His words would become faint in my writing, my articles on both websites would begin to fizzle.  In disbelief, I pressed on.  Friday came and I stared blankly at my screen.  "God, what should I wrote."  He ever so quietly whispered, "I told you this would happen."

I eked out an article, I pondered my heart, I saw what was wrong and I turned to God, "How, Lord, how can I be with You?  This weekend, like all weekends, is so busy... where can we meet?"

"That, my child, is the question."

#53.  We call, He answers... every time.

God showed me a wonderful pocket of time and a lovely little place He and I could meet.  He guided me through a tightly scheduled Saturday morning, cheered me on and when the moment came, he was there.

#54.  People may stand us up or come a little late... but God never does.  He is always on time and always where He says He will be.

Like my day with God last May, my Saturday morning with him was extraordinarily moving.  He brought me to repentance, he opened my eyes to see things done and things to be done.  He laid before me a plan, a hope, a way.  My heart beat wildly at the wonderful things he revealed.

#55.  God Guides, all we must do is follow.

I entered the house at noon as promised.  I was renewed, I was alive, I was with Him.  I shared some of His visions, my audience was encouraging, we all learned and loved our Great Creator who takes time for the little things.

#56.  When we are too busy, He is not.  He always takes time for the little things.

I find myself needing to apologize to my readers both here and at KOG.  Halfway through last week my writing was more me then Him.  God was there, but He was not driving.  Please forgive me for loosing site, not taking time, allowing my peace to be shaken, and lacking His image in the words I scribed.
#57.  Earthly forgiveness hinges on feelings but heavenly forgiveness hinges on Love.  How grateful I am that His Love will never fail even when my hope feels lost.

#57.  I realize how blessed I am to have a blog.  A platform to share and encourage and be.

#58.  I am thankful for YOUR blogs and sharing and encouraging and being.  You reflect the struggles and successes and hope that is part of every woman's life.  I am encouraged.

#59.  I am thankful for the park where God met me.  The geese and their babies, the rain streaked window and patter of drops on the roof.  His creation cries out His name.

#60.  I am thankful God was there... that even in our sinful nature, He is with us.

May you make time this week to meet God where he calls you.


  1. Ah yes, sometimes I ignore God and it never ends well for me. And yes, the more I am listening for Him the better it is. Thank you for sharing your list this week!