Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing Article

As I work on my regular post for today, I just want to apologize for missing my post yesterday!  I was gone all day at storage, digging out summer clothes and organizing bins and boxes.  When I returned home (and after dinner) Blogger was down for ???  I so missed typing to all of you!

Photomeme Friday will move to tomorrow for this week.  Allll those summer clothes pulled out at storage need to be folded and put away here!  Not enough time in one day AND... well, the "and" can wait till I get my regular post up (The Mother's Homeschool Journal)!  Let's just say I will be busy tonight!  ;-)

I'm thinking of all you wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) who read, I pray for you each day. 

God Bless!

(Thank you Photobucket for the fun picture!)

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