Tuesday, May 24, 2011

G is for Go-Get 'em!


I bet you expected me to say "G is for God", and that is true!  (But I wanted to be original this week!)  I do feel GOD is the first and most important element of a Good homeschool (or any school).  If you haven't already read my opinion, multiple times, in this matter, visit previous ABC's of Homeschooling Articles :-)

So as I pondered and thought on the two weeks we have left of schooling before our 'official' summer break, I considered how I soooooo want to be done today, not in 10 days!  So how did I get moving?  With the ever-essential: Go-Get 'em attitude!

On your mark, Get set..... GO!

I am sure you have heard it said, 'homeschooling isn't for the faint hearted'.  It is so true.  To pull together spelling lists and make sure all homework is ready to go at the start of each day is not always an easy task.  Grading, teaching and guiding when all you want to do is the dishes or the laundry or... just rest! 

It is easy to wake up and hit snooze 10 times or be tempted by the video player or a game of Legos in full swing.  But you have to Get up and Go-Get 'em.  The example we set to our children is the message they learn to live their life by.  If we procrastinate or ignore the necessity in lieu of everything else a day can throw at us, how have we impressed upon them to Go-Get 'em.  To Carpi Diem!  (Seize the Day!)

I preach to myself here, so don't take it too personally!  I am guilty at times of slinking out of bed and groaning as I look at the homework basket and grading pile (like I did this morning!).  I turn to God, I pray, I seek ambition from the endless Source of such things, and then I jump in and Go-Get'em!  Today's jobs well done saves tomorrow's anxiety of all that is falling behind. 

God Bless you this week as you Go-Get 'em!


  1. I love, I love your post. I am right there with you. I could have use the word Get up, which is a hard one for me.

  2. Joelle, Thank you :-) It was my theme that day! Actually, it is my theme most days! I stay up too late, I don't want to get up early but need to and I certainly don't want to 'do' school! The kids asked me today if we could have tomorrow off! It was so tempting to say yes!

    Go get 'em, you can do it! :-)

  3. Yep! That alarm is annoying, and my Go Get em attitude often needs adjusted!