Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Totally Tuckered out Tuesday

Don't look for a button... TToT is a thought I had as I sit here with my blog window in front me... and actually, it isn't entirely true.  I am not totally tuckered out... but I will sleep good tonight!

As part of our calling to serve as missionaries God put on our hearts to give our car back to our lender.  He first began putting this message on our hearts last September but we felt a peace about waiting.

Once the move was complete and we were re-settled, He BOMBARDED me with messages that the time had come to let go.

I would be lying if I said it was easy... if any of the steps we took to be where we are now were easy.  It is a strange thing being raised in a culture that covets privacy, space, and things.  We have sacrificed ALL of this to HIS glory and while some days I still shed a few tears to what is gone, I detest the idea of going the way of Lot's wife and choose to focus on my blessings and the way He has carried me through it all.

Enter TToT.

We walk.  I need to walk.  The number on my bathroom scale screams WALK every time I step on it.  I love to walk, always have.  In our old home we lived on the side of a mountain and walking was not an option, hiking was a better description of the trek required for physical exertion outside my front door!  After my last two children and the surgeries and problems that transpired, hiking was out of the question.

But here we are on the valley floor = flat, no hiking required!

Today we hitched a ride to an A-beka book showing, took the city bus (small town city bus!) to the thrift store where we scored a $4.50 like-brand-new-pair of pink and brown converse for my 12 year old who desperately needed tennies, took the bus to the library where we hung out before the 25 minute stroll home.
Waiting for the bus on the first leg of our trip

Hanging out at another bus stop and enjoying FREE suckers from the thrift store!

It isn't just the walking I love.  Why?

It's the people!

Someone asked me recently, "Do you find it hard to talk to other people [through my ministry]".  I didn't hesitate when I replied, "Yes!"  I am not a 'people person' by nature.  I just don't have that flare where I can walk into a room and walk out with 10 friends! Rather, I get quite nervous at the prospect of approaching strangers.  But I remind myself... it isn't about me!  It is totally about HIM and reflecting His love in all I do and say.

Joyfully embracing God's call, allowing myself some tears but not allowing myself remorse, has opened up other blessings.  God has given me strength to become more bold.  He has opened my eyes to sights previously unseen from behind a steering wheel.

Walking home today with the youngest three I happened upon an elderly woman.  We shared a wonderful conversation and I found myself wanting to take that same route at the same time every week so I might have the opportunity to chat with her more!  (this is the second time I have run into her and this time I learned she goes for a before-dinner stroll every evening).  These encounters lighten my heart and bring me joy because I know I have shared a piece of Him on my journey.  I wouldn't know this joy had I not submitted to this call on my life!

With gas prices going up, up, up, I challenge you to slip on a good pair of walking shoes, park your car, pocket your keys and some change for a bus ride and don a smile and ready eye to see God's people and make a difference... even if all you say is "hello" or all you do is lend a listening ear.  It could be the only hello or ready heart that person encounters all day!

May you respond to God's call in your life today and experience His pure Joy!

Fantastic Foto Fieldtrips at the Homeschool Post
(Post note 5/27/11, I thought I would hitch a ride on the Homeschool Post's "Fantastic Foto Field Trips" meme because it sounds like FUN!  I totally classify this post as "field trip" material even if we didn't go visit some fantastic museum or scale a climbing wall.  Our field trip was to visit our community and transit system and just see people and interact with them.  You have to admit, there isn't enough of that going on these days!  We all get soo busy sometimes and we don't take time to slow down and just BE.  I guess that is the lesson here... Just BEing!  I hope you have enjoyed this article :-)  Check out others at The Homeschool Post!)

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