Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet, simple, homeschool moments...

I'm not the greatest at math.  Here I sit, trying to teach my child about percents, conversions, and beginning Algebra.  My brain hurts just writing about it!  SHE was doing marvelously... mom, on the other hand, pondered the challenge problem as daughter looked on. 
Ashley working on school work this past fall

We have a motto when it comes to math: "Use what you do know to find what you don't know".  As good as she was doing, she was perplexed by the challenge problem as well... one particular fraction seemed pretty much impossible to convert to a percent.  "Per 100... per 100... how do you make 8 go into 100 with nothing left over?"

My darling daughter suggests, "We can just skip that one."  I believe we could, but what would we learn?  (She is notorious for skipping challenge problems!)  I grab our math reference book, sit on the edge of the bed with her (she likes doing her work on her bed) and explain to her the importance of perseverance and encourage her by suggesting we work on this one together. 

She didn't complain.  Actually, on the contrary, my 12 (soon to be 13) year old, almost 5'6" daughter who resembles more of a young woman than an older child these days, leans into my side and rests her head on my shoulder to scan the reference book and math problem with me. 

I paused.

Oh how sweet as I sat there, not taking a moment for granted and realizing, sadly, most parents of her peers in public school would not know moments like these again.  Gone, they are, lost to the younger years of childhood... yet I am blessed to know them still all because God's work in our lives and of these simple homeschool moments. 

I thank God each day He has given me with my children at home.  I Praise Him for the ability to teach... even when I have to pull out a reference book to get through a particularly hard problem... I know HE will guide us through all the problems and gift us with peace in the process.

May you know sweet, simple, homeschool moments this week that make your heart alight to the Lord!


  1. Sweet and precious indeed. Another homeschooling blessing. Praise God! Visiting from Seeds of Faith.

  2. Yes indeed Joelle... thank you for visiting!